Picture this…you’re a title company with a different kind of real estate vision. You believe customer experiences should be fast, helpful, and easy for employees to succeed at. That requires integrating different vendor technologies, eliminating repetitive rekeying, and enabling data sharing across multiple platforms.

But homegrown sales and marketing automation doesn’t cut it, and other providers can’t meet your requirements. You need a CRM that can easily integrate with other systems — not a flashy, expensive platform that employees are hesitant to adopt.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Now you can customize and integrate important systems without a long, drawn-out development process. And with support from then-Sugar-Elite partner W-Systems, you can improve adoption, migrate to the cloud, and start automating simple workflows. You can even expand your breadth of use cases with Sugar Sell, while seamlessly connecting to Sugar Market to access campaign data and gauge performance. Further, your integration with Oktopost allows you to schedule and manage social media posts with ease.

Now, teams and managers have confidence to build, execute, and monitor campaigns in one place. With 90% platform adoption, employees can use the sales and marketing solution to create pre-defined templates, increase data visibility, and make updates effortlessly. That means saving teams time while boosting marketing and sales efficiency.

Industry Insurance, Real Estate
Location Portland, Oregon