Wesley Mission Queensland Overcomes Industry Challenges with SugarCRM

Wesley Mission Queensland Overcomes Industry Challenges with SugarCRM

Australia’s aged care and community services industry is highly regulated by quality standards and must comply with strict regulations. Wesley Mission Queensland was no exception, and keeping up with customer needs while complying with stringent standards was growing difficult in need of a clear understanding of their customers.

Apart from complying with ever-changing industry standards, service providers must also look into ways to create a more person-centric experience for all the parties involved: their patients, residents, and families. Some people require extra care and services, and all direct and indirect players and their needs must be accounted for. As you would expect, delivering quality person-centric services in this industry is no longer possible in the old-fashioned phone book and Excel Sheet way.

The Aged Care Industry Landscape in Australia

A series of external factors made them realize the organization needed a way to automate and streamline internal operations: the introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the digital revolution, and an aging population were making it difficult to offer the services they wished their audience to benefit of. Ensuring continuous improvement of their services and establishing a growth culture within the organization while meeting consumer needs and stakeholder demands was no longer possible while juggling between Excel sheets and fragmented internal systems.


“We understood that building a deeper understanding of customers was going to be key to embracing the new landscape we found ourselves in, and yet we had no single customer view. Information about our customers was spread between departments, systems and excel spreadsheets, so achieving a single view of our customers was a key objective for our CRM initiative.”

Kris S. 

Director Community Care & Inclusion, 

Wesley Mission Queensland

With the help of SugarCRM, Wesley Mission Queensland successfully achieved a more sustainable way of delivering elder care and community services by following and improving their approach to industry best practices: Consumer-Centric Care, Content Feed, Communication Channels, and Channel of Partnership.

  • Consumer-Centric Care: Wesley Mission Queensland is now able to approach its patients and their unique needs knowing that they have a 360-degree view of those;
  • Communication Channels: amid perpetually evolving standards and regulations, the organization is not able to effectively communicate with their beneficiaries and their families via their preferred communication channels;
  • Content Feed: with the help of dedicated Marketing Automation solutions from SugarCRM, the organization is now able to keep beneficiaries posted on some of the latest industry news and regulations, in easy to navigate but complete content.
  • Channel of Partnership: complex CRM solutions offered Wesley Mission Queensland the opportunity to better manage their channel of partnerships with top medical institutions as they navigate the complex care needs of their senior beneficiaries.

Wesley Mission Queensland – Overcoming Industry Challenges with SugarCRM

This is how Wesley Mission started their CRM journey. In 2016, the company first implemented SugarCRM across their Customer Service, Marketing, Fundraising, In-Home Care, and Allied Health businesses. Doing so helped the company achieve higher engagement within their teams. Thanks to Sugar’s ease of use and user-centricity, the organization successfully increased their engagement concerning stakeholders and customers across their journey. Moreover, Sugar helped Wesley Mission achieve the customer centricity they aspired to adopt as an organization in the Aged Care and Community Services industry.

Continuous Support and Growth with SugarCRM

Ever since starting their journey with SugarCRM back in 2016, Wesley Mission Queensland has been assisted in every step of the process. Starting with a clear and upfront rollout strategy and continuing with support and development, Sugar helped the organization realize their vision by increasing user adoption across all business areas. This helps Wesley Mission Queensland deliver the high quality they always aimed to provide while navigating a challenging and ever-growing industry and standards.

To learn more about Wesley Mission Queensland and how SugarCRM helped the organization to deliver person-centric services, you can watch this video or our platform demo.

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