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ERP software is what powers modern-day sales business operations. Sales-i leverages ERP tools by connecting existing internal data with transactional data to generate clear, simple, and concise information. Because of the immense potential in uncovering hidden insights, we partnered with sales-i to accelerate our efforts of helping our customers better understand customer buying behaviors.

The sales-i cloud-based sales intelligence platform allows sales professionals to identify and target high quality sales opportunities within their existing customer base. Equipped with customer buying behavior alerts, salespeople can make insightful, personalized, and quick business decisions, which can lead to realizing repeat sales, reducing customer attrition, and maximizing profit margins.

In this webinar with Paul Black, CEO and Co-Founder at sales-i, Beth Freeman, EVP at FSIoffice, and Clint Oram, CSO and Co-Founder at SugarCRM, we shared how sales-i and SugarCRM customer FSIoffice harnesses the power of sales-i and Sugar to gain unrivaled insights into their customer buying behavior.

Below are the first 2 minutes of the webinar. If you would like to see the full video recording, you may access it here.

SugarCRM: Helping Marketing and Sales Overcome Challenges

SugarCRM provides sales, marketing, and support software for businesses in many verticals. In our experience, we helped numerous Sales and Marketing departments overcome some of their biggest operational challenges. 

We identified a series of challenges that marketing teams have in their day-to-day operations:

  • Lead generation
  • Too much or not enough data
  • Tools and technology consolidation
  • Securing resources or budget

In this context, many companies have one primary key objective across marketing departments: achieving a single view of the customer that can be leveraged in marketing initiatives to boost their efforts’ success.

On the other hand, Sales departments are consistently struggling with:

  • Driving revenue growth
  • Inaccurate sales forecasts
  • No lead prioritization
  • Inconsistent sales processes
  • Too many manual tasks
  • Lack of preparation

Many sales departments still struggle with quota attainment, lack of visibility into deal health, and difficulty forecasting quarterly sales.

At Sugar, we work to better align sales and marketing departments, offering them deep insights into their pipelines and accelerating the sales process in an organic and streamlined fashion.

SugarCRM & sales-i: Ditch the Spreadsheets and Boost Productivity

Sales-i leverages ERP tools and transactional data and focuses on answering common yet complex business questions:

  • What have I sold you?
  • What haven’t I sold you?
  • What should I be selling you?

While sales-i offers companies answers to transactional instances, Sugar kicks the context of each interaction:

  • When did we last speak?
  • What did we talk about?
  • What should we discuss next?

The power and specificities of these two systems help businesses accelerate operations when paired together. With the sales-i and Sugar integration, you can:

  • Generate more revenue with your existing Sugar data
  • Improve adoption with an all-in-one solution for sales data analytics
  • Easily drill into and view spend mix, product slippage, and margin erosion at SKU level
  • Give salespeople more time to sell instead of analyzing sales data.

By leveraging the sales-i and Sugar integration, your marketing, sales, and even support departments will be given more context into their pipeline, account, and lead status. The integration can generate alerts when issues arise, so your teams can take the necessary steps to remediate the situation. How? Through customizable marketing initiatives, such as email nurture campaigns and even social campaigns. Based on the data generated by sales-i and Sugar, you can target specific interest groups and personalize the messaging that best resonates with your groups. 

How FSIoffice Leverages sales-i and SugarCRM to Ditch the Spreadsheets and Accelerate Sales

With over 5,000 customers and 40,000 products in their portfolio, keeping the business up and running was difficult for FSIoffice, especially with fragmented data, operations, and, let’s be honest, thousands of spreadsheets, says Beth Freeman Executive Vice President at FSIoffice

The sales-i and Sugar integration offers the office supply company a single view of their customers across all departments, with a simplified tech stack and no spreadsheets in sight. The integration allows them to focus on the right opportunities and leads at the right time and boost their operations through cross-selling and up-selling initiatives.

The software identifies hidden cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on previous sales patterns to help unlock the next deal. Following purchase, sales-i calculates the probability of the order of an associated product, giving salesperson insights on additional revenue opportunities.

These real-time sales insights are delivered as opportunities to the Sugar dashboard, with valuable insights such as a confidence score of the opportunity’s accuracy and potential value. Sugar integration with sales-i centralizes access to sales analytics for every customer, sales team, branch, and product instantly. For FSIoffice, the integration was incredibly beneficial, because they have extensive product catalogs and myriad product groups. In this case, technology plays a vital role in detecting buying patterns.

“One of our mottos is “You will appreciate our service”. So it’s paramount that we have a good customer experience every time they order a pin from us. And that must be seamless from the time they place their order to the time it’s delivered, and when they pay for it. It is critical to have these tools thoroughly integrated. Not only can we keep up with some of the basic things that are in Sugar, but adding that transactional piece of data just takes it to another level, and allows it to be very personalized and relevant to our customers.” – Beth Freeman, Executive Vice President, FSIOffice

Want to learn more about how FSIoffice leverages the Sugar and sales-i integration to eliminate manual labor and the dreaded spreadsheets? Watch our recent webinar Ditch the Spreadsheets with sales-i and SugarCRM

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