What Are Your Top Business Priorities in 2022?

To enable the best service, companies should leverage interactions to identify and solve customer needs. They must discover where pain and friction points are and then assign those to the right people in the organization for a quick resolution. Assuming you know where these frictions are is just wrong.

We are continuously looking for new opportunities to keep and strengthen customer connections in the digital environment. So, we went where our customers are and created a LinkedIn Poll to shed some light on 2022 customer preferences and expectations.

Marketing’s Goals in 2022

The pandemic has caused countless problems, leaving companies struggling to achieve top business goals, including increasing revenue and profitability, reducing costs, and improving sustainability. 52% of those answering the poll consider driving revenue as the biggest goal for 2022, followed by twenty-eight percent of the respondents wishing for simplified processes.

In a global report recently conducted by Sugar, the findings showed that 63% of the respondents believe misalignments between sales and marketing teams negatively impact business growth. Integrating your marketing automation tool with the CRM helps create a unified vision and define what a good lead looks like, making it possible to personalize outreach and add intelligence to lead qualification, deal tracking, opportunity management, and customer engagement.

less time your team spends on administrative tasks, the more time they can spend on improving the customer journey, ensuring business growth.

The less time your team spends on administrative tasks, the more time they can spend on improving the customer journey, closing deals, and ensuring business growth.

Sugar Market’s simplified processes and intuitive interface encourage users to create conversion-focused assets. It’s never been easier to design and deploy responsive pages, create email, or nurture campaigns using flexible templates or creating your own.

Stay In Touch with Your Prospects

The poll respondents showed the most interest in using marketing automation to create nurture campaigns for new customers (54%), to stay in touch with customers (25%), and remarketing campaigns (13%).

As you grow, your content and lead generation efforts must grow with you, resulting in more interactions and engagement. Market’s Nurture Builder helps you address your prospects according to their awareness stage facing your offerings. For example, you can personalize each part of your email—from subject line to body content, giving you the flexibility to create the best campaigns for each audience.

Staying successfully in touch with your prospects isn’t possible without gathering meaningful insights from their interactions with your brand. To help you deliver the right messages to your audience, Sugar Market includes Advanced Campaign Analytics, providing a better context to take appropriate next steps, know what opportunities to pursue, and personalize interactions to optimize experiences and grow revenue.

stay in touch with your prospects by gathering meaningful insights from their interactions with your brand.

Closing Thoughts

While marketing has the greatest insight into how each customer engages with your brand, sales have keener insights into product and business-related needs than influence every deal. You can generate and act on the most valuable leads by synchronizing their strategies. It’s crucial to communicate with them in a suitable format, and you will be rewarded with more loyalty. You’ll start seeing the opportunity for cost savings and efficiency.

As for 2022 resolutions, our poll participants say they want more coffee. While it won’t bring you more coffee, Sugar will definitely free you up to make some well-deserved coffee on your own when you let the platform do the work.

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