The Scoop: No Roadblocks, No Busy Work

It’s time to showcase all the latest and greatest coming to SugarCRM! The Q4 2021 release of Sugar enables greater productivity and increased automation when using our platform. That means fewer clicks, faster insights, and more time doing what you love!

As we talk with customers, the overarching need we hear is getting more done with less time. This is true whether you are in sales and have multiple opportunities you are about to close, or you’re in customer service and have a spike in new cases. We all know when anyone fills out documents manually, we increase the potential for error, which in turn introduces costly delays due to going back and forth to correct those mistakes. And it’s just a time suck taking away from work that computers can’t do!

You can now be at ease with the announcement and release of Doc Merge, Sugar’s new document template manager. Now, Sugar users can natively create beautiful templates and merge data from one or more Sugar modules in Microsoft or PDF documents without writing a single line of code.

Sugar's Doc Merge functionality pulls data from your Sugar records and merges it into document templates without having to leave Sugar, enabling users to quickly export contracts, quotes, NDA agreements, form letters, labels, and more.

As we all know, sales teams live in their calendars, and all sales reps have preferences on the data they first see when they open their calendars. In working with customers, we collaborated on a calendar that can customize or create filters based on what is important to each sales rep and more. The new, fully manageable Calendar solution displays any standard or custom Sugar module directly in Sugar. This new feature empowers our users to visualize data in a way that makes the most sense to them, and it improves collaboration across departments within their organization.

The Calendar module has been converted from the legacy user interface to the Sidecar interface and offers more robust calendaring options.

Additionally, the Q4 2021 release introduces Escalation Management for Sugar users! With the new “Escalation” action, users can now escalate cases, bugs, accounts, and opportunities for faster review, all without ever leaving the platform. What we love the most about this feature is how this ties together with SugarBPM. If users want, they can create a condition where the flag can kick off a workflow within SugarBPM for escalation handling. Not only does this eliminate major customer blind spots, but it takes away busy work that users typically perform outside of the platform.

Excited about what else to see in this release? Watch our video above to discover a few more hidden gems that Rich Green and Zac Sprackett are excited about and find out all the exciting enhancements and new features going live for Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve. Plus, join us on SugarClub to learn more details of what’s included in Sugar Q4 2021 (11.2) for Sell and Serve.

You can now escalate accounts and opportunities to bring more attention to them and track the progress of the issue within the new Escalations module.

Are you a Sugar Professional or Enterprise customer? We’ve released a brand new video highlighting what’s new for Professional and Enterprise users. Watch our exclusive The Scoop release video below to hear about the enhancements!



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