How to Supercharge Your CRM with DealHub and Triblio

How to Supercharge Your CRM with DealHub and Triblio

Are you looking to go beyond traditional CRM capabilities? SugarCRM has partnered with Triblio (a Foundry Company) and DealHub to extend the Sugar platform and enhance how you engage with your prospects and customers using groundbreaking digital tools.

In this webinar Eyal Orgil, CRO at DealHub, Andrew Mahr, CCO at Foundry and Christian Wettre, SVP & GM, Platform at SugarCRM, we explored how more effective prospecting and accelerating the sales cycle can supercharge your CRM and help you drive results.

Below are the first 2 minutes of the webinar. If you would like to see the full video recording, you may access it here.

Uncover Hidden Demand for Your Sales Team with Triblio

Triblio enriches your CRM with third-party intent data that capture B2B buying signals and help your sellers and marketers react more quickly and relevantly to market opportunities.

With Triblio’s Sales Activation dashlet in Sugar, you spend less time on prospects that won’t convert into customers and more time on those who are most likely to buy. Additionally, your sales and marketing teams accelerate pipelines with predictive intent signals.

How to Supercharge Your CRM with DealHub and Triblio

Your revenue team can now focus on selling, know who is actively buying your product or service before your competition does, eliminate the busy work of cold calling accounts that will never convert, and improve those conversion rates for sales teams.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with DealHub

DealHub adds easy-to-use CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) capabilities with DealRooms, a digital location for buyer/seller collaboration to transact business faster.

How to Supercharge Your CRM with DealHub and Triblio

DealRooms are fully customizable for every unique customer, providing real-time interactive communications and dynamic content sharing while including DealHubs deal-closing solutions in one place.

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Christian Wettre
Christian Wettre Committed to helping customers grow revenue and improve processes related to sales and marketing, Christian Wettre is the SVP & General Manager of the Sugar platform. A dedicated professional with a team mentality, he strives every day to make a difference for customers.

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