Sugar Integrate—Embracing the Next Level of SugarCRM’s CX Platform

There’s nothing better than when business applications work together seamlessly. But what if your organization’s critical applications don’t play well together? The result is disastrous—loss of time and resources, missing information, and lost deals are just some of the side effects of broken integrations. This lack of integration is never more frustrating than when it happens with a business-critical technology like your CRM.

To mitigate disaster, companies utilize external vendors promising success and internal staff to enable complex workarounds and enable applications to exchange valuable information. It works, but it’s not always ideal because no one knows your CRM like the vendor and their trusted partners. At SugarCRM, we realized that integration was a key element missing from many CRMs and wanted to expand on the open API behind our CRM, Sugar Sell, to serve customers more fully and enhance our customer experience solutions platform. This is why we introduced Sugar Integrate, to connect over 200 ready-to-use business integrations supporting our extensive partner community and working hand-in-hand with developed solutions already existing on Sugar Exchange.

Integrations are critical to making the most of your CRM, including Sugar Sell. Whatever applications are important to you are important to Sugar, that’s why with Sugar Integrate we’re supporting tighter integration to these applications from your Sugar Sell instance. How does this affect you? Here are two examples: 

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning applications, more commonly known as ERPs, are critical to business process management and can occur outside of a CRM. With Sugar Integrate, processes and data are shared between your ERP and Sugar Sell to optimize your organizational performance.
  • eCommerce – In a virtual selling platform, e-commerce integration with your CRM is crucial. Sugar Integrate provides a seamless experience between the CRM your employees use and the e-commerce platform customers use so that you can access the most up to date information available. 

What do both these examples have in common? Each integration better helps you understand your customer with faster, real-time data integration. With the increased integration capabilities of Sugar Integrate, you can optimize your system with over 200 possible integrations creating a better and more complete environment.

Eliminating Data Islands

What’s more, Sugar Integrate increases the value of your data by eliminating data islands within your organization. According to RightScale’s 2019 State of the Cloud Survey, companies are leveraging an average of five clouds, with 84% of them having a strategy to support multi-cloud integration. What this means is that data is stored in multiple locations, making it difficult for organizations to continually support the migration of this data from one application to another.

Resulting in a loss of real-time data, companies can fail to identify timely actions for their sales organizations and at Sugar, we’ve done a great deal to eliminate this with solutions like Predictive Forecasting and now, Sugar Integrate which is the next step in our time-aware CX platform. Sugar Integrate allows for faster and more efficient data integrations to occur with a reduction in cost to both time and resources. While Sugar Sell is always available to integrate with additional platforms, Sugar Integrate optimizes the process and eliminates data islands, allowing it to add value from day one.


Embracing Innovation

One of our tenets at Sugar is our dedication to constant innovation and Sugar Integrate is part of that promise to our customers. As highlighted above, Sugar Integrate is an ideal addition to your Sugar CX solution because it’s designed to help you grow and accelerate your business. How? Innovation is key to advancing business and the foundation of many digital transformation plans, with Sugar Integrate you can quickly add or replace applications that support your transformation without taxing your IT resources.  With the speed at which companies are innovating their products and services, it makes sense to have a flexible product like Sugar Integrate to support their internal strategies. 

Sugar Integrate is another exciting launch for Sugar and an added benefit to our portfolio of products. If you’d like to learn more about Sugar Integrate and what it can do in your organization, schedule a demo today and learn how you can enhance your CRM experience.  


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