The Scoop Q2 2022: More Customer Benefits

The Scoop Q2 2022: More Customer Benefits

A lot has happened since our last Scoop edition, and we’ve been doing amazing things that we couldn’t wait to share with you!

A New Buying and Selling Experience

Our customers spoke, and we listened. They were looking for an easier way to choose the right platform components that would help them most as a company today. They also wanted to know that the platform could grow and scale while offering comprehensive capabilities as their needs changed or the requirements of their customers evolved. Our Q2 2022 update marks the launch of our new Sell Editions of Sell Premier, Sell Advanced, and Sell Essentials! 🎉

This is a massive game-changer in how customers find and utilize Sugar to help grow their business. It allows us to meet customers where they are, making the value Sugar brings to customers even more transparent. Whether you are a large, global organization with highly complex processes or just getting started and need a robust CRM to help you meet your customers’ needs in a highly competitive environment, you will find what you are looking for right here.

More Ways to Personalize Campaigns

This release also brings a “dynamic” enhancement to Sugar Market. As you already might have noticed, we are obsessed with enabling greater productivity and increasing automation, so you can spend more time doing what you love! That’s why we’ve concentrated on enabling marketers to customize their outreach, so they can make a much more substantial impact! We are excited to announce dynamic email content for Sugar Market!

Personalize campaigns with dynamic email content in Sugar Market

Now, marketers can engage with multiple customer and prospect segments by sending a single email with varied copy based on the recipient’s demographic make-up. With a couple of clicks, marketers can send emails with different images, and languages, making it easier to create and manage multiple custom campaigns simultaneously.

Since we’re digging the Sugar Market goodie bag, we brought to light another new capability that boosts email sending throughput so that marketers can rest assured that their campaigns will reach audiences quicker than ever.

Edit Sugar Market Dashboard

With the customizable dashboard, marketers can see the results of those campaigns in a layout that makes the most sense to them.

In more good news, we have something special for sellers as well. We’re happy to announce that with the Q2 2022 (12.0) updated, thanks to the introduction of the Forecasting Worksheet, sellers can provide their own forecasting commit calls for open opportunities and communicate more clearly what they think they will close.

Team Forecasting in Sugar Sell

Additionally, we gave sales managers the ability to make team-level forecasting commits. Now, sales managers can edit the “Team Commitment” field in their forecasting worksheets and provide customized forecasting guidance on what they think is most likely to occur.

We’re super passionate about our user interface design and the latest changes we made to our customers’ List View experience are proof of that. This release is packed full of several significant enhancements such as pagination, which is a fancy way of saying we’ve added the number of pages for search results in Sugar.

List View pagination in Sugar Sell

Our users immediately see how many pages they generated with their search and can interact with their data more efficiently.

But we didn’t stop there: Another update associated with List Views is fixed headers, a highly requested feature that we’re excited to bring to our customers. Now, whenever someone begins scrolling down the list, the column headers remain visible. In addition, we’ve added the ability to freeze, or “pin,” the first column of data in their search results so when you scroll laterally you retain that first column.

Together, these enhancements reduce the busy work our users sometimes encounter when searching large lists of data and provide a much better experience.

If you would like to learn more about our Q2 2022 (12.0) update, check out our video above where you’ll find the details of everything coming in this release and learn how these updates accelerate how the Sugar platform does the work.

Are you a Sugar Enterprise customer? Take a look at the video below to see everything packed in our 12.0 release.

Roxana Rangu
Roxana Rangu Prior to joining the SugarCRM team, Roxana worked in the marketing field for more than a decade. She loves good content, virtual events, and smart marketing. Though she fell in love with every aspect of digital marketing, video editing, and organizing high-level of experience webinars tops Roxana’s list of favorite projects. When she’s not making magic at her desk, you’re likely to find her painting, lifecasting, or admiring architecture when exploring her way through the world.

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