FSIoffice: The Road to Operational Success with SugarCRM

FSIoffice: The Road to Operational Success with SugarCRM

FSIoffice has been an essential player in the office supply industry for over 60 years. With a clear vision and mission to offer quality office supplies to companies and schools, their current product portfolio encompasses more than 40,000 products, ranging from furniture, chairs, janitorial supplies, breakroom supplies, and more. Their customer portfolio has reached an impressive 5,000 active customers and an existing customer base of 20,000 contacts. With both portfolios rapidly growing, FSI Office needed to find a CRM to help them manage, engage, and give a little TLC to their customer and prospect base.

The Challenge: Switching From a Contact Repository to a 360-Degree CRM

Having been using Goldmine for more years, the team at FSIoffice quickly realized that their CRM acted more like a contact repository than a robust CRM. Reporting was a manual process; they could not spot and nurture opportunities, and the cross-organizational lack of data transparency became a struggle.

Their decision to switch was twofold: they decided to turn to sales-i, a sales intelligence platform that integrates exclusively with SugarCRM and various ERP solutions, as well as switch to a more robust CRM, Sugar.

The Goals: Proactive Selling, Organizational Visibility, and Enhanced Customer Experience

Because of this extensive collaboration, FSIoffice aimed to both streamline front-office and back-office operations as well as act quicker on the insights that sales-i surfaces based on integrated data in a single interface. FSIoffice ultimately decided to partner with SugarCRM because compared to other CRM solutions targeted at mid-size companies, our platform was more cost-effective and we offered better functionality to deliver on several areas of high interest for them:

All these capabilities helped FSI to switch from reactive selling to proactive selling, increase cross-departmental collaboration and transparency, and most importantly, deliver unique, personalized experiences to all their customers, ultimately enhancing their CX levels.
Below is a video of a SugarCRM and sales-i demo about how integrating your CRM and ERP can help you not only obtain a 360-degree view of your customers, but also make intelligent decisions when you have all the data you need in front of you in one, singular view:

The Results: High-Value Opportunities that Generate Higher ROI

The sales-i and Sugar integration can quickly generate sales and marketing opportunities. These are sourced from transactional and CRM data, and with the help of AI and ML, the sales team can confidently get in touch with these opportunities, knowing they have higher conversion chances.

“That’s one of the things I really like about Sugar — it’s really easy to pull up relevant information. It’s not something that takes up your whole day. Information is fed to them in little, bite-sized pieces.”

BETH F. EVP of FSIoffice

The teams at FSI noticed an increase in sales efficiency, mainly due to the reduced number of systems they needed to navigate to organize their activities and tasks. With all the tools and data at their fingertips, sales reps can quickly spot relevant opportunities with the help of transactional data, and they can feed suitable marketing materials and communications. In fact, Sugar has contributed to account manager’s ability to handle 40% more cases thanks to automated efficiency.

FSIoffice also focused on improving customer service with the help of Sugar Serve, where they can easily document, track, and close the loop on customer interactions. Until now, this helped them improve their customer engagement and experience levels and stay true to their motto, “You will appreciate our service.”

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We also have an on-demand webinar available to watch if you’re interested in learning more about the nuts and bolts of CRM and ERP integration, “Ditch the Spreadsheets with sales-i and SugarCRM”.

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