Mazars: Saving Over 2,000 Hours Annually With Sugar Implementation

Mazars is a leading international audit, tax, and advisory firm established in the UK. As you would expect, with such expansive operations come some challenges. One was improving customer experience, building better customer relationships, and improving operational efficiency.

They realized that one way of tackling those challenges would be through a CRM deployment. However, with a company offering specialist services to an impressive number of customers, an average, run-of-the-mill CRM would just not cut it.

“People used the original CRM as little as possible, entering minimal amounts of client information, so the value of the system was not evident.”

– Sarah W., Director of Business Transformation, Mazars

They needed a solution that could keep up with the fast pace at which they operated while keeping data entry points at a minimum.

From Data Redundancy to Flawless Operations

As a specialist services vendor, Mazars dealt with a growing number of data entry points due to the multiple systems they used daily. With that came a lot of data redundancy that wasn’t doing the company any favors.

Since the organization was already collaborating with Symphony, a SugarCRM partner, for a variety of other projects, it seemed the best decision to start deploying Sugar with their help. Symphony is a company that partners with accountants, consultants, and other professional services firms to help IT systems work better together, and it is an OEM partner of Sugar.

Once they discussed the internal requirements of a CRM to be efficient and play an integral role in the company’s development, the implementation phase started. One main focus was to automate the billing process, which had been handled manually in the past. Mazars relied on automation and Artificial Intelligence heavily within this process to maximize the value of their new CRM. In fact, according to our most recent research report, 80% of companies today, like Mazars, use AI to leverage their CRMs to the maximum value.

The Results of an Efficient Implementation

Since the introduction of Sugar, Mazars’ business processes have improved significantly, with the company noticing a drastic reduction in time spent on data entry. Symphony implemented Sugar in such a fashion that they were able to drastically improve the integration between the newly adopted CRM and its pre-existing systems.

We mentioned that before Sugar, the business required a manually generated internal billing code for each new client in its finance system. The new platform has removed this time-consuming task, with billing codes generated automatically within minutes.

By working to deliver one data entry point and improve processes to ensure quality control, Mazars estimates it has already witnessed a significant 2000-hour reduction in the manual processing time annually. The company has also enhanced its audit trail and improved its new business processes by integrating risk assessment forms and the capability to better monitor its pipelines and analyze bid losses and wins.

SugarCRM helps businesses in the financial secor improve their operations.

“We had to show our professionals that there was value in this new CRM, that it could enhance sales opportunities. We kept the on-boarding journey as simple as we could: qualifying, proposing, closed, won/lost.”

– Sarah W., Director of Business Transformation, Mazars

In this case, Sugar’s implementation proved that all daunting tasks can be easily automated, allowing teams to focus on higher-value tasks, such as cultivating better customer relationships and delivering better services and products.

Check out our Case Study and learn more about Mazars’ journey with SugarCRM, from implementation, to results! And, if you’d like to learn more about the latest CRM developments and trends, read our 2024 State of CRM Report!

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