How CRM Can Help Manufacturing

How CRM Can Help Manufacturing

The resurgence of the manufacturing industry is real. According to Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, the manufacturing industry now accounts for approximately one-third of the U.S. GDP.

The momentum gained by the industry in the past few years has pushed management to sit and take notice of the technology leaps they have to make to keep the ball rolling.

How CRM Can Help Manufacturing

Most often, the focus is usually on the complex production side of the business: Automation of Inventory management, supply chain management, and fulfillment processes. The sales and service business processes are often relegated to the roles of sidekicks in the grand scheme of things. Getting fulfillment right every time is essential but getting the sales team to make the sale first is as important, if not more.

Companies are only now realizing the benefits of giving their sales team a sophisticated CRM tool. If your company is on the fence deciding between squishing the sales team to a quiet corner of your ERP system or investing in a well-built CRM software, then here are some benefits to weigh in before making a decision.

  1. 360-degree view of customers: No longer does your sales team have to rely on just the order history from ERP. With a modern CRM in place, sales teams can get a 360-degree view of customers with a history of account activities like calls and meetings, opportunities raised, and support engagement. CRM gives your sales and service team the power to identify sales potential proactively.
  2. Better sales reporting: Is your sales team still relying on monthly excel spreadsheets to plan their quarter? Do your sales managers guess product trends and strategize on gut instincts because they are often missing the big picture of your leads and customers? It doesn’t have to be that way. A stable integration with your ERP system data combined with inherent capabilities of a CRM system like lead management, revenue line items, and quote management would give your sales managers intelligent insights to data, driving more informed decision-making. Imagine a sales strategy that is measurable – only a CRM can deliver that.
  3. Mobile for field sales: CRM can strike fear in the minds of field sales. Images of dreary data entry are what they often conjure up. Now imagine a mobile CRM that lets your field sales not only log calls and meetings with a single click but also, provide advanced features like smart reporting and approval workflows at their fingertips. The ability for your sales reps to be on the road with accurate customer data in their palms is invaluable and a must for a strong sales showing. 

Modernization of manufacturing sale systems is necessary to keep in sync with the enormous opportunities that have resurfaced for the industry. A dedicated, reliable and modern CRM can get your sales and service teams to the next level of success through intelligent customer data insights and sales tools.

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