Why You Should Add Business Process Automation to Your CRM

Why You Should Add Business Process Automation to Your CRM

Although CRMs are the golden standard in business settings, organizations have only realized the full potential of business process automation. Businesses have started to rely on it to increase efficiency, boost revenue, and deliver superior customer experiences.

Business Process Automation: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?

Business Process Automation (BPA) can help businesses define clear steps and follow clear protocols in different scenarios. Computers can follow the steps provided and automate all rule-based business processes. Properly deployed, an organization can increase efficiency in:

  • Invoice processing
  • Document routine
  • Employee onboarding
  • Data entry
  • Expense reporting
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Case routing
  • Data deletion
  • Etc.

BPA: The Benefits

Business process automation is superior to manual processes mainly because it eliminates most business bottlenecks, thus boosting efficiency in the long run. The benefits can make themselves noticeable across all aspects of an organization, starting with increased productivity and compliance to better customer experience (CX) and organizational performance. Listed below are some of the key benefits of BPA.

Saving Time

According to a recent SugarCRM report, the average sales rep spends only 54% of his or her time actually selling. Reoccurring manual tasks also steal the time your teams could use to focus on more productive tasks and handle a higher workload. When most internal processes are automated, your employees can save valuable time that would have been spent manually tracking and dealing with internal processes and protocols. This allows them to work smarter, not harder. Your CRM can be scheduled to complete recurrent, rule-based tasks, allowing your employees to focus on the human aspect of their jobs, such as building lasting and trust-based relationships with your client base.

Higher Profits and Productivity

When manually handling recurring tasks, the focus of your employees is no longer the customer. The focus falls on those low-reward tasks, such as administration tasks or data entry. This, unfortunately, often leads to a loss of profit. In business settings, establishing good customer relationships is a higher reward than manually handling internal tasks.

Error Minimization and Standardized Protocols and Processes

Humans are prone to making mistakes; even the most skilled employees can fall into this pattern for several reasons: high workload, lack of attention, forgetfulness, and multitasking to name a few. The good news is that all these reasons can be eliminated with business process automation, by setting clear protocols and procedures to follow in different scenarios.

When business process automation lacks, standardization issues tend to arise. Not all employees perform the same tasks following the same procedure or processes.
Automation is a sure way to ensure that clear protocols and processes are always followed, helping you achieve consistent results.

Superior Customer Experience

All businesses today strive to achieve the perfect level of CX. When automating relevant business processes, you can ensure that you lower your response time in customer interactions across multiple channels, regardless of your audiences’ go-to communication method. Business process automation also allows for data-driven personalization, making each interaction more memorable for your customers. From both short and long-term perspectives, this secures a more stable position in the market, anchored in consistency and reliability.

Better Scalability Perspectives

It’s best to remember that when we talk about business scaling, we don’t just mean business growth. While growth refers to simply increasing the number of customers, business scaling refers to positioning or enabling the business to handle many more customers without significant increases in costs. Without proper efficiency, revenues resulting from business growth can easily be consumed or outnumbered by the increased cost of internal resources to earn and keep the new customers. Process automation is a great part of business scaling that can keep you profitable and scalable.

In a fast-paced business environment fuelled by technology, scalability can only be achieved by making your internal processes faster and more reliable. For instance, you can win more resources in terms of quoting, invoicing, upselling, cross-selling, and more. All these aspects help your enterprise to differentiate itself from the competition and remain attractive to a higher customer base.

SugarCRM: Helping You Deploy Better BPA Protocols

At Sugar, we created SugarBPM, an easy-to-use process builder that can meet your specific business demands. SugarBPM enables administrators to streamline common business processes by managing approvals, sales processes, call triaging, and more. The SugarBPM suite comprises four process-related modules that work together to automate complex business processes. Besides our SugarBPM, we integrate clear and easy processes in all our automation software, from sales to marketing and support.

This is how Sugar customer Sofia University was able to ditch the busy work by integrating Sugar Sell and Sugar Market. Because of that, Sofia University can now deliver superior student experiences while boosting efficiency across all its processes. Today, Sofia University is able to save time, increase the efficiency of their lead generation program, and improve the student experience.

If you want to learn how Business Process Automation can help you streamline processes and achieve all the benefits listed above, make sure to watch our recent webinar, “How Sofia University Delivers Human Experiences with CRM + Marketing Automation”.

Or, if you want to learn how Sugar can help you streamline your tech stack and achieve business process perfection, contact us!

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