How to Build the Ultimate Sales Forecast with CRM

How to Build the Ultimate Sales Forecast with CRM

Is your sales forecast accurate enough? Does the pipeline support your forecast? If you’re asking yourself these and many other forecasting questions, we have the answers!

In this webinar with Christian Wettre, SVP & GM, Ellen True, Sr. Director, Product Management, and James Harper, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at SugarCRM, we showcased how to organize and empower sales teams to deliver accurate sales forecasts with CRM, and how Sugar Sell improves visibility and predictability into your overall business.

Below are the first 2 minutes of the webinar and the slide deck. If you would like to see the full video recording, you may access it here.

Below are some key takeaways from our webinar:

  1. You will be more likely to meet your revenue goals with a disciplined forecasting process.
  2. Let the Platform do the Work: CRMs such as Sugar Sell, can help you refine your forecasting process.
  3. Establish a consistent weekly or bi-weekly pipeline inspection and forecast call cadence to ensure your forecast’s accuracy.
  4. Inspect the pipeline opportunities for risk and sales process compliance.
  5. Hold each other accountable to constantly improve your forecasting process and identify areas to improve upon.
  6. Measure how accurate your forecasts are and continually refine the process.
What forecast model do you use
During the webinar, we asked attendants about their preferred forecast model.

If you would like to learn more about building the ultimate sales forecast with CRM, we highly recommend these resources:

  • 2022 CRM Buyer’s Guide – Choosing a CRM doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge that keeps you up at night. We prepared a guide to help you pick the right CRM for you.
  • Sugar Sell Demo – Watch the video and see how with Sugar Sell, you can improve productivity, give your sales team their time back to do what they do best, and create customer relationships that are long-lasting.
  • 2022 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Emotional Footprint Report – Download this infographic to explore how Sugar performs across categories and why 95% of SugarCRM customers plan to renew!
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