Key Insights from SugarCRM’s 2024 State of CRM Report

Key Insights from SugarCRM’s 2024 State of CRM Report

Most organizations that invest in a CRM platform understand it’s important to stay focused on what matters most: winning and keeping customers.

In our 2024 State of CRM report, we surveyed more than 800 sales, marketing, and IT professionals to uncover what new CRM activities leading organizations have adopted over the past five years and what they’ll be prioritizing moving forward. While the survey responses varied by the specific needs of each user, as well as industry, and other factors     , they can all agree that CRM can be a key driver of collaboration, connection, and growth that makes business successful and meets customer needs.

In this webinar with Clare Dorrian, CMO at SugarCRM and Christian Wettre, SVP & GM, Platform at SugarCRM, we shared actionable takeaways from the report to help you set your CRM for success and drive more revenue.

Below are the first 2 minutes of the webinar. If you would like to see the full video recording, you may access it here.

Turn Your CRM into a Centralized Hub

Our 2024 State of CRM revealed that 60% of professionals surveyed use CRM as their centralized communication hub for nurturing leads or customers, while 45% see getting a view of customer interactions as a top priority for maximizing their CRMs’ potential.

To move forward, they need a CRM platform shared by marketing, sales, and service teams that brings together data from multiple sources in a single source of truth.

Demand More from Your CRM

Our report uncovered essential CRM-based activities for every organization: managing the lead flow (41% surveyed), and forecasting and driving pipeline visibility (43% surveyed).

Equipped with a CRM with forecasting capabilities, users can accurately predict future sales activity and gain key insights on prospects and existing customers.

Many sales departments still struggle with quota attainment, lack of visibility into deal health, and difficulty forecasting quarterly sales.

CRM Needs to Be Easier, More Configurable, and More Accessible

41% of the professionals surveyed for our report stated that one the most prominent challenges they faced with their CRM was the lack of integration with their existing technology stack.

To move forward, CRM adopters should look for a platform that easily integrates with their existing technology, and at a low cost, and doesn’t require constant maintenance.

Analytics and AI Can Help Maximize CRM Value

A stunning 80% of professionals surveyed reported they will turn to AI to maximize the value of their CRM platform over the next five years.

Moving forward, CRMs should come pre-packaged with generative AI capabilities to create more personalized and impactful customer engagement. Additionally, a CRM should provide in-depth analytics that turn data into insights, and insights into better customer experiences.

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