Bye-Bye Busy Work​

Streamline common business processes by managing approvals, sales processes, call triaging, and more. SugarBPM is an easy-to-use business process management (BPM) and workflow tool that adds advanced BPM functionality to Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve and Sugar Enterprise. Sugar’s business automation software is the perfect solution for improving efficiency and daily processes without the need for human intervention.

Simplify Complexities​

Optimize any customer facing process, no matter how complex.​

Extend Best Practices​

Optimize processes across entire departments end-to-end and ensure best practices are followed. In turn, see an increase in employee efficiency and employee satisfaction. ​

Improve Efficiency​

Improve beyond automating simple tasks to transforming your entire business. Minimize repetitive tasks and reduce the risk of manual errors with Sugar’s business process management software.​

Let the Platform Manage Processes

Activate Autopilot​

Automate complex business rules, email templates, process flows, monitoring, and more across your entire organization.​


Less Blind Spots, More Alignment​

Integrate with external systems to break down organizational boundaries and ensure cross-departmental effectiveness and process automation.


Keep Up with Opportunities​

Automate sales and customer service activities to sell more and improve customer satisfaction. Start your digital transformation with SugarBPM and never miss an opportunity.