Simplifying the Switch

The ultimate goal of a marketing automation platform (MAP) is to make you look like a superhero by streamlining marketing activities, increasing qualified leads and tracking marketing’s success. But let’s face it, sometimes after we invest in new technology, we are disappointed that it doesn’t live up to our expectations. Whether you aren’t getting the support you need or are paying too much, you don’t have to be stuck with a tool that isn’t meeting your needs.

Look on the bright side—even if it didn’t make your life easier, you’ve learned a lot since implementing your first marketing automation platform and now you’re better able to evaluate what your organization needs to be successful. However, making the switch and starting over isn’t a decision you make overnight, so we’re here to help! We’ve done hundreds of MAP transitions and can hold your hand each step of the way.

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5 Signs That Signify It’s Time to Transition Marketing Automation Platforms

If you’re having any doubts in your current solution, here are some key triggers that signify your current solution just isn’t right:

  1. Your current vendor is not offering the support you need. You need access to training, best practices and, most importantly, a support team that is there to help when things go wrong, and you’re not getting that from your current vendor.
  2. Your tool is too difficult to learn. You’ve had your solution for a while now, but you’re just not getting it. Moreover, once you finally become somewhat of a power-user, do you have the time to spend training the rest of your marketing team?
  3. You aren’t achieving the goals you thought you could by purchasing your current tool. It’s hard to see your goals not being reached month after month and still watch your competitors achieve results with other systems.
  4. The cost of your tools or services are rising. You are paying more each month and showing less ROI for it.
  5. Your team is frustrated with their current tool. Are you worried your team’s current frustration could affect their productivity and morale? If you’re concerned already, then you should probably trust your gut. A solution that empowers them to be better marketers will boost those efforts instead.

Sugar Market vs. Pardot

Take a look at how we stack up against the competition. You won’t be disappointed.


4 Steps to Easily Migrate from Pardot to Sugar Market


Discuss your integration goals, timeframe and process with the Sugar Market team. Together, we will prepare a plan for a smooth marketing automation transition.

What to expect:

  1. Discuss integration goals, timeframe and process
  2. Determine materials that should be transitioned to new platform
  3. Prepare project plan for transition


Before defining your marketing automation strategy, we will work with you to execute a technical setup and synchronization with your CRM.

What to expect:

  1. Login credentials shared
  2. Prepare and set up MAP integration plan (tailored to customer’s goals)
  3. Prepare and set up CRM integration (tailored to customer’s goals)

STEP 3: Transition Materials

We’ll work together to prepare all the materials you will need for transition.

What to expect:

  1. Forms
  2. Email Templates
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Lead Scoring
  5. List / Segmentation Creation
  6. Nurture Campaign


Now that you have everything set up, including integration, templates and campaigns, you’re ready to execute.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is my transition timeline? We recommend that companies begin the transition process at least 2 months prior to the current MAP contract expiring. This provides ample time to wnsure proper technical setup and the replication of needed templates and campaigns. While MAPs can be transitioned faster if necessary, the 2-month overlap allows customers to ensure no downtime.
  2. Will Sugar Market natively integrate with my current CRM? Sugar Market marketing automation platform natively integrates with several major CRM platforms including: Sugar Sell, Bullhorn, Infor, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and Salesforce.
  3. Since I’m not new to the concept of marketing automation, how much training will I actually need once we make the switch? If you are managing the Sugar Market platform on your own, you will receive 30-45 days of training that will begin during the transition phase.
  4. What are my options if I don’t have time to learn a new marketing automation platform? For marketers wanting to take a ‘Do It For Me’ approach to their new marketing automation platform, Sugar Market’s Software WITH a Service allows our marketing operations experts to handle the tactical campaign execution and reporting, while the client focuses on program and content creation.

Having marketing automation natively integrated with your CRM and getting the support you need is essential to your success. Many marketers are looking for a less expensive Marketo alternative that provides the functionality and support needed to be successful. Even if they have Salesforce, many are looking for a less expensive option that provides the functionality and support needed to be successful. Sugar Market has done hundreds of MAP transitions and has a program in place to assist you every step of the way.


Sugar Market is the all-you-need marketing automation solution built to work for you. With a curated toolset that includes highly intuitive campaign builders, advanced automations and superior reporting, we focus on what matters most to marketers—streamlining campaign creation, understanding engagement, improving conversion, and driving more revenue. Whether you’re a do-er, dreamer, thinker, or techie, Sugar Market is the new standard in marketing automation.

Sugar Market serves the demands that mid-sized marketing teams have by focusing on areas that make teams more efficient to get campaigns out the door. Easy-to-use email, landing page and form builders make adoption quick for new or first-time marketing automation users. Built on CRM architecture, Sugar Market supports unlimited custom fields empowering advanced segmentations, lead scoring and personalization to make sure the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time. Real-time syncing with seven leading CRM platforms and native integrations make Sales and Marketing alignment a reality. Know what’s working and what’s not with Advanced Analytics, a powerful BI reporting module included with every package, so all users can leverage actionable data to streamline their marketing process and drive revenue.

Once you’re a customer, Sugar Market supports you every step of the way to ensure success. We pioneered different deployment models to reduce complexity and the expense of working with multiple vendors. Our in-house experts, located in Atlanta, Georgia, accelerate successful onboarding and adoption of marketing automation, both the technology and the business practice. You can be confident every day that our friendly and knowledgeable support team is standing by and available by phone, email or chat, all at no additional cost to you. Experience what a truly new standard of marketing automation means with Sugar Market.

SugarCRM helps businesses everywhere provide the most outstanding experiences of all time—for every customer, from anywhere in the world. We’re building a world where companies can act as fully functional extensions of their customers. Where teams can anticipate needs long before customers even realize they have them. Where sales, marketing and services are fully freed to focus on people instead of processes. We bring innovation, transparency, integrity, value and passion to all we do to cultivate customers for life.