SugarCRM Embeds More Data Privacy Controls in Its Products for GDPR Compliance

The new innovation within the company’s Cloud, Relationship Management, and Relationship Intelligence offerings will help companies implement best practices for data privacy

CUPERTINO, Calif. – May 2, 2018 – SugarCRM Inc., the company that helps organizations build better business relationships, today announced new features for its entire cloud and product portfolio that will enable its customers to implement best practices for data privacy. These capabilities mean organizations can confidently deploy SugarCRM products as a key part of their GDPR compliance plans.

Data privacy-related functionality is now available as part of the company’s Spring ‘18 Cloud update as well as the Sugar 8 release for on-premise customers.

“Personal privacy must be treated as a basic human right. Although technology creates incredible value, it is encroaching on this right. Trust, security and data privacy have always been core values for SugarCRM, and now GDPR has pushed these concepts into clearer focus,” said Rich Green, chief technology officer at SugarCRM. “The latest release of our products and services will help Sugar customers to meet compliance requirements and build trust with their customer base. GDPR is simply the most current and newsworthy issue related to data privacy. It’s likely that more regulation and legislation will be enacted in various countries.”

SugarCRM’s new features will ensure organizations are better prepared for future data privacy-related regulations. New features include:

A “command center” for data privacy – Sugar now includes a new module to address and log all customer requests related to data privacy.

The advent of the data privacy manager (DPM) – SugarCRM added a new role within Sugar to review requests and mark records for erasure.

Easy access to stored customer data – Sugar introduces a Personal Information Log (PI Log) feature that captures the sources of customer data input and modifications. Companies can send personal data within the PI Log to data subjects upon request.

Flagging Customers who object to data processing – Sugar users can “flag” anyone who requests that their personal data is not used in profiling or automated business processes. This is then used as a filter in campaigns and reports.

Email Communications – A new global setting specifies if new email addresses should default to “opted-out” or “opted-in” for customer communications. If an email address is set to opt-out, a clear visual indicator is present wherever Sugar displays the email address.

Managing Consent – Organizations now manage within Sugar the process of a person providing “consent” to the storing and processing of their personal data. If the customer withdraws consent, Sugar records the request within the data privacy management module.

Limiting data collection to only what is necessary Data privacy regulations dictate that businesses should only process relevant personal data, and all other personal data may be inappropriate. Admins can easily remove unneeded fields via Studio (Sugar’s configuration console for admins).

SugarCRM HintCustomers and prospects can request that any personal data not relevant to doing business be removed from all systems.  Companies can now control what data is provided via a Hint search.

Sugar Cloud SugarCRM has put internal policies in place to protect our customers’ data in our cloud and to perform our obligations as a data processor.

“SugarCRM has a reputation as a trustworthy CRM provider, so it’s not a surprise they took the GDPR challenge head on,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP Research at Nucleus Research. “I’ve seen an early demo of the new features coming in Sugar and I’m excited to see how they will help organizations implement best practices for data privacy.”

The latest version of Sugar is available for both cloud and on-premise customers today. For more information and to sign up for a free trial, please visit

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