SYDNEY, Australia – March 9, 2021 – As our world continues to evolve, companies are making their strides in order to get ahead of the game. Caledonia Group knows it needs a new way to look at its customer data, and they chose SugarCRM to deliver a unified cloud-based platform to reimagine its sales and marketing operations. 

The Caledonia Group is an integrated industrial services provider that specialises in total access solutions, insulation and cladding which are supported by in-house design and engineering together with 3D and VR capabilities. It serves some of the biggest companies from industries in Australia such as the energy, industrial and construction sectors.

“Serving some of the biggest brands in the industry, it is paramount that we are able to bring the best customer service and experience to our customers. Having a panoramic view of our customers will allow us to not only have a rounded picture of the customer, giving us the opportunity to use data to guide our marketing and sales to improve customer journeys, enhance cross channel collaboration but also better able to serve customer needs and anticipate future demand,” said Bryn Jones, Group Business Development Manager, Caledonia Group.

“Bringing our team into the Cloud also means that our team will be able to enjoy seamless access to information from anywhere they have to work from. That further helps us to not only promote internal collaboration within our teams but also ensuring that our customers receive our attention anytime they need.”

“Providing a single view of customers through the Sugar platform, so that companies can provide exemplary services to their customers, is one of the core values,” commented Jason du Preez, SVP and GM, Asia Pacific, SugarCRM. “We are confident that SugarCRM will be working with The Caledonia Group to create a highly efficient and effective platform and process to develop a firm foundation to create customers for life.” 

An Advanced Partner of SugarCRM, CRM Online Australia worked closely with the project team at Caledonia Group throughout the discovery and implementation process providing on the ground consulting and support. 

“SugarCRM has enabled us, a CRM implementation partner, to provide a very complete solution, and we’ve been able to leverage this to support Caledonia Group in achieving greater insights from their customer data. With seamless access to information from anywhere, both in the office and when mobile, the business can now collaborate in real-time, with robust processes in place to drive internal reporting. We look forward to working with Caledonia Group into the future and providing continued partnership and support, “ says Glenn Richmond, CEO, CRM Online Australia.

The Caledonia Group will leverage Sugar Sell, Sugar Connect to capture, track and analyse customer data that they could use to develop relationships at every stage of their engagement with their customers. Together with Sugar Customer Journey Visual Task Manager, the Caledonia Group will further enhance their value-adding solutions and services to customers across the energy, resources, infrastructure and building sectors.  

In order to bring customers onto an omnichannel customer experience journey with them, and to capitalise on what AI-enabled capabilities can offer to help predict, forecast sales and churn, the Caledonia Group will be looking at future considerations with SugarCRM’s platform. To learn more, visit

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