Redefine Sales Business

You shouldn’t have to do what a machine can do for you. SugarCRM is the only sales force automation platform with a built-in sales console for subscription-based business. Never worry about missing a sales opportunity when you let the platform do the work.

Create Customers For Life Icon | Renewals Console | SugarCRM

Create Customers for Life

Retain customers and increase sales rates with sales force automation built to manage subscription programs.

Simplify Subscriptions Icon | Renewals Console | SugarCRM

Simplify Subscriptions

Add products with clear start and end dates—like annual service contracts or monthly subscriptions—with ease. Avoid any complicated cancellation process by setting this specific criteria and defining the sales period within SugarCRM’s platform.

Increase Renewal Pipeline Icon | Renewals Console | SugarCRM

Increase Sales Pipeline

Increase sales pipeline without even thinking about sales opportunities by letting the platform do the work.​

Let the Platform Automate the Sales​

More Business, Less Managing Graphic | Renewals Console | SugarCRM

More Business, Less Managing​

​No blind spots for your sales agents. With Sugar, users have complete visibility into all products a customer is actively subscribed to in an intuitive timeline format.

Quotes in a Click Graphic | Renewals Console | SugarCRM

Quotes in a Click​

Sellers can use customer data to add products that have defined start and end dates—like annual service contracts or monthly subscriptions with a single click.

Keep More Customers Graphic | Renewals Console | SugarCRM

Keep More Customers​

​Empower your sales agents with instant access to all information necessary to renew, upsell, and cross-sell your subscription customers, including real time prompts based on customer data.​​

No-Touch Renewals Graphic | Renewals Console | SugarCRM

No-Touch Sales ​

​Proactively remove obstacles in your sales process. As the team closes subscription business, automatically build future sales pipeline with Sugar Sell.