Voicent Software

Voicent offers easy Sugar CRM integration with predictive dialing, auto dialing, inbound calls, and more.

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About Voicent

Voicent Communications Inc provides affordable and easy-to-use VoIP-based telephony, SMS, and email communication solutions. We are dedicated to improving productivity, increasing sales, and getting better results for businesses of any size. Voicent's goal is to always aim to simplify the complex. Our products provide voice communication, email communication and text-message communication with unparalleled levels of automation and point-and-click ease. Through our Developers Network, we also offer our advances in software development to other software professionals, enabling them to integrate sophisticated communication capabilities into their own tools and applications.

Voicent for Sugar

Voicent offers Sugar CRM integration with its software. This allows users to predictive dial, auto dial, handle inbound calls and more while using Sugar CRM to maintain a customer database. When a call connects, Voicent software will automatically pop-up a window with the contact's information in Sugar CRM. Any information entered during the call will be saved to the Sugar CRM database. If a new contact is called, then a corresponding new record will be created in the Sugar CRM account.

Why Voicent?

  • Helping organizations identify and better understand customer needs by keeping track of customer interactions and displaying them right at the point of future contact.
  • Providing a professional and credibility-enhancing contact experience for prospects and customers.
  • Designing and managing various marketing and sales campaigns by saving call status and customer choices (such as opt-out) automatically.
  • Serving customers better by automatically sharing customer contact information among different agents of an organization, increasing organizational intelligence and efficiency