How To Reply To Common CRM Objections

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Can we afford this software solution?

We can scale your CRM software as needed
We can start small with a per-user subscription model and scale as needed. We’ll look for business management solutions with no hidden fees or additional costs for maintenance, reporting, or customization. Additionally, in terms of productivity gains and increased sales velocity, not deploying the system now could cost you money in the short and long term.

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Our employees hate CRM—it’s too complex.

Role-based CRM makes it easy
We can build role-specific interfaces that make it easy for users to interact with the system from desktop or mobile devices, allowing for an effective, yet simplified digital transformation. With seamless integrations, they will see an intuitive tool that gives them access to the information they need when it matters most. And the insights they can draw from that data can give them an edge over the competition.

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We don’t have the skills to do the customization we need for this to work.

Configure vs. customize
Customization is essential to creating a total customer view to empower your engagement strategy. Web services and standardized APIs make it easier to create custom integrations that are uniquely suited to your business processes. Plus, it’s better to start small, configuring the system for quick wins, than to be oversold up-front on a bunch of features that you don’t need.

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We should buy from the CRM market leader—that’s the safest choice.

Big doesn’t mean safe
Any vendor, large or small, can terminate development or support of a product at any time. You want to choose a vendor that offers solid protection in case of disaster or prolonged downtime, with the ability to run your CRM software with multiple cloud options-not just access it from a single cloud environment. And think about this: is doing the same thing as everyone else a good way to differentiate yourselves?

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Our current solution is fine.

Customers demand more
Your current system does not scale and does not allow you to address the changing needs and behaviors of your customers and sales cycle. You need a modern CRM solution that addresses key challenges to compete and grow. Sugar’s business process management capabilities are critical to simplifying complex processes. You need to develop mobile strategies and experiences on the fly, something you lack today.

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We will lose control of our data with a cloud based CRM solution.

Don’t be limited by options
The market is moving toward a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) consumption model. You will have the option to select a public cloud or a private cloud deployment. You will also ensure that the software complies with all relevant data security and privacy regulations.

A Blueprint for CRM and Business Success

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