Business Outcomes

  • Pipeline visibility: Track whether the customer relationship management system is giving sales teams a comprehensive view of customer or prospect activity to identify new sales opportunities.
  • Conversion rates: Track current and average conversion rates across all defined sales stages to establish baselines on which to benchmark sales success. Include sales, upsells, and cross-sells in tracking.
  • New business growth: Track new customer accounts or net new sales by customer.
  • Customer Retention and profit per customer: The duration and value of customer experiences and relationships.
  • Sales performance: Get as granular as possible with your team’s performance, such as average sales cycle, conversion rate and revenue per sales rep, or activities across each stage of engagement.
  • SLA compliance: Manage performance and compliance with service level agreements with your customers.
  • Customer satisfaction: Set targets for customer satisfaction and measure against those when managing relationships with customers throughout your business process.
  • Customer advocacy/influence: Track customer sentiment via direct feedback, social media, or key metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Attrition: Set targets relating to different causes of customer attrition to determine whether the CRM is delivering expected improvements.

Operational Performance

  • Usage rate: A CRM software is only as good as its users. Set user adoption and usage goals for each department.
  • Employee satisfaction: Target and track areas where employees are expected to experience improvements in their work, such as team collaboration and depth of insight.
  • Lead quality: Set standards for lead qualification and opt-outs, and measure the quality of leads that pass to sales via automation.
  • Automated outreach: When you use CRM to prompt customers based on data signals, measure the performance of those campaigns.
  • Interaction intervals: Is the CRM helping you keep customer relationships fresh?


  • Speed of customer support team response: Are customer support reps responding faster with better information?
  • Fulfillment: Measure whether the CRM is helping you complete post-sales operations faster.
  • Payments: Use the CRM software to follow the customer journey to the end, and apply time-to-payment metrics.
  • TCO: Set a budget for CRM implementation, maintenance, and growth, and measure against it. Target cost savings related to the CRM deployment and measure for improvements.

A Blueprint for CRM Success

Learn how to evaluate vendors, decide on the right features and plan a smooth rollout with these fundamental CRM metrics.