“Sugar is our truth. If it is not in Sugar, it does not exist”. Martijn van der Ende, CEO of NETCO

Netco has been using Sugar for 16 years! The team keeps growing and uses Sugar for so many different areas within their business. It started with using Sugar as a “Rolodex” (back in the times) and is now used for inventory management, project management, time shipping management, cash flow management, making quotes, making invoices, etc.

By using Sugar, Netco was able to reduce the time of issuing quotes to their customers from 2 weeks down to 2 minutes and so much more!

Look no further, listen to Martijn van der Ende, CEO of NETCO interviewed by Charlotte Mouls, Customer Success Manager at SugarCRM and find out more.

Industry Software, Technology
Location Haarlem, Netherlands
Sugar Partner

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