Picture this…. You’re Australia’s largest RV manufacturer with over 1,000 staff and a network of 29 dealers. Customers country-wide love the fact that every vehicle is meticulously crafted and entirely Australian-made.  

But, company data is all over the place and it’s hard to keep track of marketing, sales and after-sales activity across dealerships. Marketing teams are spending big budgets on campaigns but can’t see how much traffic they are driving to dealerships or if leads are converting. Head office only receives data from dealers around hard sales and lacks insight into web enquiries trends and deal pipelines. And, after-sales teams have to spend a lot of time getting information from dealerships about customers who call head office to discuss their RV. 

So, you turn to Sugar to bring data into one place and transform processes. Integrated data between head office and dealers shows marketing teams how many leads campaigns generate and what products are most popular online. Sales teams can use data from web enquiries and web visits to discover which vehicles are trending across the country. After-sales can see a customer’s full history on one dashboard so there’s no more calling around for information.   

Now, your teams are more proactive.  Marketing teams are creating more personalised campaigns that target specific customer segments. Insight into campaign results allows for optimisations and more accurate reporting. With information about web activity and enquiries, sales leaders can ensure dealerships are stocking vehicles their customers are most interested in. Insight into dealer pipelines also allows head office to help improve processes and conversion tactics. After-sales teams are much more efficient and close cases with happier customers because the right information is at their fingertips. That’s what happens when you let the platform do the work. 

Industry Manufacturing
Location Australia
Sugar Partner

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