Picture this … you’re a specialist wholesaler whose business revolves around bicycles, scooters, motorbikes as well as all the parts and accessories for these products. You manage a huge portfolio of products and see thousands of orders with over 100,000 individual articles leaving your warehouses every day. You have been in business for 125 years, giving you extensive knowledge of the sector on the one hand and data managed through outdated processes on the other.

But, your expertise is in the world of wheels, not CRM software. Your legacy systems and reliance on manual data input now pose a barrier to your future growth and, most importantly, to building stronger ties with your customers. You know it is time for a major refresh of your business to protect your position as the go-to wholesaler in the cycling and automotive industries. 

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Our platform is the best match for your long list of requirements, giving you the confidence to digitally transform your business. Together with our partner atlantis dx we are always there for you, tailoring the software to your needs, looking for solutions, and sharing advice in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Your employees quickly begin to see how the new CRM can help them work more efficiently and meet their individual targets.

Now, you can design new ways of working that take full advantage of the digital realm. Your teams no longer spend valuable time on manual tasks and your customers get the support worthy of one of the leading wholesale bike retailers in all of Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. As your digitalisation journey continues, you can now rely on robust CRM foundations that can carry future growth and deliver on your customer promise in years to come.

Industry Automotive
Location Germany

atlantis dx is a service provider that specializes in the development and implementation of digital solutions.  

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