Industry Entertainment/Leisure
Location Spain, United States, United Kingdom, France

 Fever is the leading event discovery platform, which helps over 40 million people discover and enjoy the best experiences in their cities each month. Thanks to its technology, Fever also helps organizers, promoters, and brands to create unique and original experiences. The application is available in several countries such as Spain, United States, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Portugal, and many others. It’s a company that has a mobile application as its product, acting as a showcase for the different leisure programs in the city you select. 

 The staff at Fever is made up of international salespeople, who spend a significant part of their time contacting leisure businesses to find out whether they’d be interested in appearing on the Fever application. In the past, the team used spreadsheets to manage this procurement. However, as Enrique Gutiérrez, City Manager at Fever, explains, “It’s essential to use a CRM to monitor the sales team.” 

 The Fever OPS team evaluated the different options on the market before investing in Sugar Sell. “We analyzed the features that Sugar Sell can offer us and it covered all our needs. A competitive price compared to other far more expensive CRMs on the market also swayed our decision,” Enrique Gutiérrez added. 


 Fever began with a team of 10 salespeople. They are currently considering increasing the workforce to 300 individuals to deal with an ambitious expansion plan that includes the opening in more than 50 cities in a few months. Their primary challenge was the ability to scale quickly and adapt to the rapid growth they are experiencing. Thanks to Sugar, they’ve controlled the expansion by coordinating their different sales teams with varying schedules, in other countries, and always with centralized information. Sugar Sell allows Fever to centralize all office information and establish a standard process for managing the contracts. This simplifies team coordination, allowing managers to consult and share information about each customer directly without asking a colleague. Sugar partner, Opentix, supported Fever throughout the process, providing training on the tool in Spanish for the local team and training in English for their offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Gutierrez explains: “At Opentix, they are experts in the SugarCRM product range. We’ve been working with them for many years and they always come up with the perfect solution for our needs. They provide 100% availability and their commitment level to the projects is essential. This makes us proud to work with them.”