Picture this… you’re a long-time ERP software developer and reseller. You’ve been in the game since the industry was founded and you understand what it takes to develop, implement, and integrate business applications. When companies in industries like manufacturing, distribution, and cannabis need help solving big business challenges, they turn to your expertise in improving inventory accuracy, schedule management, and shipping logistics.

But data isn’t meant to sit idle. As your business grows, you’ve got more data than you know what to do with, driving a wedge between sales and marketing due to inaccuracy and the inability to activate it in nurturing programs.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Now, every department has a common view of the customer (whether they’re in the office or not), easing tension and allowing teams to act on data to sell more effectively. And with help from solutions partner BrainSell, you’re able to reduce busy work, roadblocks, and blind spots so you can build impactful marketing campaigns instead of simply managing data.

Now, your teams can focus on effectively selling instead of sifting through data. That’s because marketing automation does the job of one to two people, saving you time and money, giving sales the insights they need in one platform, and helping you send more targeted campaigns to customers and prospects. This way, you have more time to focus on providing the best ERP guidance to your customers to help them tackle the challenges of their growing industries.

NA Technology Partnership Award

This award celebrates the trusted advisor/advisee relationship between a partner and SugarCRM customer who have joined forces to drive innovation and positive business outcomes.

Industry Technology
Location Chardon, OH

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