Picture this… you’re Ecuador’s largest Toyota dealer. Founded more than 60 years ago by three brothers, you’re one of the largest and oldest family-run dealerships in Ecuador. People don’t just turn to you for premium cars, but luxury experiences and a new, innovative standard in an industry that’s remained mostly static in the region.

But the world is changing, and in-store experiences aren’t always possible. You’re sitting on a goldmine of data, but you’re not using it to proactively engage customers through marketing or understand their needs before they enter the dealership. You know that you could be working smarter (not harder) to serve your customers even better.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Now, the sales funnel is both digital and physical, pulling data from all sources to understand a buyer’s needs, who they’ve already talked to, and if they want to schedule a test drive. Your website connects to the CRM, allowing marketing to send personalized content, nurture and score leads, and collect insights at sales reps’ fingertips. No more repetitive questions for customers. No more guesswork in the selling process.

Now, you have the digital foundation to blaze new trails. With a digital platform, you can reach new audiences, aid in mobility, and develop innovative industry solutions that better serve the community. You’re converting 3% more leads than you used to, and creating loyal customers that keep coming back. That’s what happens when you let the platform do the work.

This award celebrates all-around customer excellence in the journey to achieve high-definition CX by seeking new ways to leverage the platform, services, partnerships and SugarClub.

Industry Automotive
Location Quito, Ecuador