Case Study

The Right Choice at the Right Time for Customs Broker

There was a moment when Ian Rigg would be tested, and he was ready for it.

Charged with finding a modern Customer Relationship Management platform for his import-export company, Ian Rigg, vice president of sales, service and marketing, looked at all the top candidates.

He poked. He prodded. He ran scenarios against performance and budget.

So when he recommended SugarCRM to his leadership, he knew he would have to defend choosing an upstart company instead of one of the more popular CRM providers.

Although rated highly by software analysts such as Gartner and Forrester, SugarCRM didn’t have the name recognition or provide the E-staff comfort level of some of the others. Until leadership learned more about it.

“I had to make the point that SugarCRM was the best fit for our needs and that it was the best value on the market. I got some pushback, but I sold Sugar on the basis of cost and adaptability,” Ian says.

Having experienced wholesale software changes at another company, Ian also believed Sugar Enterprise would provide the easiest transition from the legacy CRM.

“I wanted software that would not force us into entirely new processes, something that would bolt on to our other systems, and Sugar fit that perfectly,” Ian says. “I know we made the right decision.”

Even so, implementing a new CRM presented challenges because nobody likes change.

“Our tactic for change management with Sugar was to continually demonstrate value. Once we achieved that, everything else followed,” he says.

Buckland Customs Brokers is an import/export company doing business in Canada, Mexico and the United States. It operates multiple customs offices and warehouses in Canada and several in the U.S.: Port Huron, Detroit and Southfield, Michigan, and Laredo, Texas. In addition, Buckland provides storage, transportation, and trade consulting services in both countries.

  • Headquarters: St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
  • Website:


Replace an outdated and underused CRM (ACT) to achieve better user adoption, improve sales pipeline tracking and heighten confidence in financial forecasting growing out of the pipeline reports.


SugarCRM Enterprise (7.7) with Outlook integration, and projected integrations for finance, data warehouse and quoting tool (Flexidocs).


  • 250 hours recaptured annually by having a single source for data entry
  • Improved lead funnel
  • Reliable and real-time financial forecasting reports
  • Improved AR collection by sharing customer database with Finance Department
  • Better ROI on marketing spend by using campaign tracking
  • Fast, standardized and traceable quoting via quoting templates
  • Enabled email list management using MailChimp integration

Making Sugar the Workhorse

Currently, Buckland is using Sugar for sales and customer service, with 100 percent use in both departments.

The Sugar process begins with the lead and collects data through customer conversion and customer service.

As Buckland’s Sugar use evolves, Ian plans to integrate the quoting capability from the Rates Module to unify quoting and price standards and use the planned integration with Buckland’s finance reporting to gain further insight to customer onboarding.

He also sees the opportunity to deliver value to the Finance Department, using the Cases Module for tracking customer service issues involving debits and credits.

“So far, everything has been great, and we keep seeing more ways we can use Sugar. It will be Buckland’s workhorse when we’re finished.”

Ian Rigg
Vice President of Sales, Service, and Marketing


  • Outlook
  • MailChimp, integrated as SugarChimp
  • Website lead collection
  • Flexidocs, for quoting
  • Finance (projected)
  • Data management (projected)

Solution Partner:
Master Solve