You Learned A LOT at SugarConnection. Now What?

You Learned A LOT at SugarConnection. Now What?

SugarConnection Boston was a huge success. We connected with partners, learned from peers and took a deep-dive look at the latest additions to SugarCRM’s expanding ecosystem of products—all within the span of ten hours. 

Now the real challenge begins: How are you going to turn those insights and ideas into action?

As we prepare for SugarConnection Paris, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the whirlwind of activity from this week’s customer event. If you’re looking for practical ways you can put what you learned into practice right away, here are our top recommendations:

1. Explore the Latest CX Platform Additions

Throughout the day, Sugar specialists discussed numerous recent additions to our CX platform. We understand it was a lot to digest in one sitting. So once you’ve settled back into your day-to-day routine, we recommend taking some time to check out the latest. Here’s a quick refresher:

Sugar Discover and Sugar Connect

These two new products were announced during the event, and both are going to be game changers:

Sugar Discover takes a radical new approach to revenue analytics by evaluating hundreds of metrics and keeping you alerted to important trends in your sales data. It eliminates the need for complicated tools so you can begin uncovering relevant information immediately.

Sugar Connect solves a common problem faced by sales and service reps who communicate with customers a great deal via email, but don’t have the context they need to drive meaningful engagement.

Sugar Market, Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve

Each of these three products meet unique needs of your frontline employees. Better yet, they’re all designed to integrate seamlessly. 

Throughout the day, we heard from power users who rely on Sugar Market and Sugar Sell to keep Marketing and Sales in sync. By using the combined capabilities of these two systems, companies are able to ensure employees have the complete story on customers any time a rep picks up the phone or sends an email.

Sugar Serve takes this one step further by analyzing sentiment. Support case automatically jump to the top of the priority list based on an individual’s level of agitation or frustration. 

All three products are powered by the three key pillars—No Touch Information Management, an Intelligent Customer Experience Platform and Continuous Cloud Innovation —  that make the New Sugar so unique:

2. Configure, configure, configure

One of the biggest CX strategy tips from successful brands? Configurations are key. If these aren’t already at the top of your priority list, they should be.

Sugar is a highly flexible platform that can be easily adapted. As the power users at Star2Star Communications put it: “All you need is a vision of where you want to go, and then you can adapt Sugar to meet your needs.”

Rather than trying to fit your customer experience strategy to fit the limitations of your technology, Sugar can be modified to meet the exact wishes of your frontline employees. When new challenges arise or questions come up, modules and workflows can be used to get the right information in front of the right people. 

In fact, many users never stop configuring Sugar. At The New York Times, for example, managing engineers are continually adding workflows to ensure team members have everything they need to handle any customer issue, at any given time—often before the customer even realizes one exists.

3. Work with your Partner

When in doubt, rely on your partner. Sugar’s network of consulting firms, project managers, custom developers and other specialists have deep knowledge of the Sugar platform. They can tell you which integrations and configurations will best meet your company’s current needs, and many have even developed their own custom add-ons.

Haven’t had the chance to work with a Sugar Partner yet? We often hear from customers who say the real path to success started when they found the right implementation Partner. 

If you didn’t have a chance to chat with our Partner sponsors at SugarConnection, you can learn more about them in the sponsor Q&As here.

These recommendations are all just the start, of course. Sugar is continually evolving to meet the latest trends and changes across the customer experience landscape—and your company should be, too.

Now it’s your turn! What was your #1 takeaway from our customer events in San Francisco and Boston? What are you hoping to learn at SugarConnection Paris? Let us know on LinkedIn and Twitter with the hashtag #SugarConnection.

Heather Mueller
Heather Mueller Heather Mueller is a master storyteller and content creator helping companies cultivate customers for life—one blog article at a time.

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