The Scoop Q4 2022: Productivity Enhancements

The Scoop Q4 2022: Productivity Enhancements

Since the last Scoop update, we’ve been working to deliver the latest and greatest in innovation, user experience, and better value. We’re very excited to show you what’s in store in our Q4 2022 (12.2) release for Market, Sell, and Serve. For Enterprise customers, most of the Sell and Serve capabilities we talk about here will come to you with the April 2023 release.

Better User Experience in Sugar Market

With Q4 2022, we’re taking more steps to ensure a consistent user experience across Sugar Market. To that end, we updated Market’s Reports view to a more modern look and feel that matches the overall experience in our marketing automation solution. We have also localized more modules to offer non-English speaking users the same quality experience throughout Market.

We have also updated Market’s suppression lists functionality to work with forms. If you don’t want competitors to be entered in Market as leads when they submit forms on your website, all you need to do is to add their domain to a suppression list.

One more thing: It’s time to fully embrace Market as part of the SugarCRM platform and no longer call it by its previous name. To that end, we are rebranding Salesfusion URLs to Sugar Market. Going forward, US customers will be able to log into Market via, while EMEA and APAC customers will be able to access Market at and respectively. The existing URLs will continue to be supported, and no other technical changes are required.

Take a look at the video below to see what else we have in store for you with Q4’s release for Market.

Productivity Improvements in Sugar Sell

The last Sugar Sell release was all about the new Report Viewer. With the Q4 2022 release, we’re doubling down on reporting capabilities to access reports in the places you work in every day. To achieve that, we’ve updated our Report Dashlets with additional functionality to help you surface the data you need as easily as possible. Now, you’ll be able to sort chart data the way you want and access report details directly in the dashlet. Additionally, you’ll also be able to change reporting filters on the fly directly in your chart dashlets.

You can now use Sell’s Focus Drawer functionality in report drill down results, which means you’ll be able to access the data you need without navigating away from your current view. 

Watch the video below to see these additions in action, and read this SugarClub article to learn what else is new in Sell!

Improved Customer Experience in Sugar Serve

We’re very excited to share that Q4 brings major updates to Sugar Serve’s Service Portal: the Self-Service Center, a fresh design built in a mobile-friendly omnichannel way and connected directly to Sugar. The Self-Service Center includes capabilities to accelerate sales, customer onboarding, and customer service.

Understanding that service agents work best using case queues, we’re happy to announce that the Q4 2022 release for Serve will include queues in the Service Console. With case queues, your service team can now organize and prioritize cases to optimize their effectiveness. 

To see Serve’s new additions, take a look at the video below and read this article in SugarClub to learn more about our latest Serve update.

Closing Thoughts

The Q4 release brings several major improvements across our marketing, sales, and service solutions, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them out.

To learn more about each feature and share your suggestions, join us on SugarClub for Release Week.

Paul Scondac
Paul Scondac Paul is an experienced Senior Content Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry. His skillset includes content and email marketing, team management, CRM and Marketing Automation, and more. While not working, Paul enjoys playing videogames, walking his dogs, attempting to cook, and the occasional trip to Starbucks.

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