It’s Time to Let the Platform Do the Work

It's Time to Let the Platform Do the Work

What Important Sugar Brand Changes Mean for our Company, our Customers, and our Industry

This week, we’re announcing our refreshed brand identity with a single purpose in mind ‘Let the platform do the work’. If you want to experience the essence of what this means in a minute and a half, then take a look at this video. It’s a glimpse of what’s possible for you, your business, and your customers and it’s what drives all of us here at Sugar.

The Journey to Today

CRM has been around for more than two decades and it’s easy to assume that it is a mature, well-understood space. However, we recently conducted a survey of 1,000 sales leaders from across the world and learned some very troubling things—that the headaches and hassles of traditional CRM are very real.

  • Just over half indicated that their CRM is actually costing them revenue
  • Many told us that their companies can’t access customer data across marketing, sales, and service—more than 50% in fact. This is both an access issue, as well an issue with the aggregation of data that is dispersed among silos across businesses
  • And for the data that they can get to, a third of sour respondents said that their data is incomplete, out of date, or just plain inaccurate

If CRM is supposed to improve the customer experience and make it easier to manage, then how have CRMs become part of the problem? For too long, CRM software has required more effort to feed and maintain than the value they provide in return.

We recognize that it’s time for change.

It’s Time to Let the Platform do the Work

This week’s launch of “Let the platform do the work,” symbolizes our solemn commitment to make the hard things easier for marketing, sales, and customer service teams so that in turn, they can deliver the kind of high-definition customer experiences their business needs and their customers crave.

For the industry, our brand purpose symbolizes a higher standard for CRM, one with the potential to remove blind spots, busy work, and roadblocks at every level and at every stage of the customer journey.

  • No Blind Spots – Because it’s easier to solve problems when you can see the whole picture, past, present, and even future instantly
  • No Busy Work – Because no one should do what a machine can do for them easily
  • No Roadblocks – Because your CRM should work with you not against you.

For our employees and partners, our brand mission is something for us all to rally around and feel inspired by. It represents the years of combined expertise our team brings to the industry, and our commitment to never stop trying to find ways to lighten the load for each other and for our customers.

Our more modern, simplified brand aesthetic speaks to both the unification of our message on our platform and to our relentless focus on reducing complexity. It also purposely reflects the fun, smart, and real people, personalities, and customers who make the Sugar brand what it is both today and tomorrow—a place I am incredibly proud to work at.

It’s time to get busy, being less busy.

It’s time to click less, sell more.

It’s time to save your 10,000 steps for your fitbit.

It’s time for a platform that helps you do it all, without having to do it all yourself.

It’s time to let the platform do the work.

Clare Dorrian
Clare Dorrian As SugarCRM’s chief marketing officer, Clare Dorrian is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall integrated marketing strategy. She leads the customer marketing, revenue generation, product marketing, and marketing operations teams. Clare is a results-oriented, creative and passionate marketing professional with a record of driving customer acquisition as well as brand and market awareness working for B2B software companies of various sizes. Highly motivated and known for her energy and commitment to teamwork, she prides herself on inspiring marketers to create real-world results that are good for business and good for customers. While born and bred in the UK, Clare currently resides in San Francisco. She holds an MA with Honors from Glasgow University.

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