Making the Connections That Matter

When we started SugarCRM in 2004, our vision was simple…to help every business in the world make the connections that matter. We do this by delivering the most open, flexible and intuitive relationship management solutions, giving every business the ability to treat their customers the way they would like to be treated and thereby create loyal fans.

Eight years later, that simple vision of helping companies make the connections that matter has turned SugarCRM into the world’s fastest growing customer relationship management company, delivering software that empowers people to track and manage customer conversations through an intuitive, flexible business application that people love to use.

What I have enjoyed the most these past eight years is meeting all the great people around the world who have come to rely on SugarCRM for their business.  Over 1 million people in over 150 countries now run their businesses on SugarCRM.  Wow!  That’s a lot of people treating their customers the way they themselves want to be treated.

One thing we knew when starting SugarCRM is that technology by itself does not automatically make a company more responsive and more in touch with their customers.  Building a customer relationship management strategy takes a combination of people, processes and technology all working together to accomplish clearly defined and measurable goals.  This is where the SugarCRM value-added reseller ecosystem comes into play.

Our reseller partners around the world help companies like yours build your CRM strategy.  They will show you how to deliver fantastic customer service through software and business processes that make doing business with you easy for your customers. In my travels around the globe, I have had the honor to work with some of the best and the brightest CRM strategists in the industry.  I am continuously impressed with how much hard-earned CRM knowledge our business partners can bring to companies like yours.

When you come to SugarCon this April 23-24 in beautiful San Francisco, I encourage you to come meet our partners.  Ask for advice.  Exchange ideas.  Learn from the best.  You will walk away with at least three great ideas to take back to your colleagues and improve your business.

See you at SugarCon!



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