Stuck in a Contract but Need a Better CRM Solution?

Stuck in a Contract but Need a Better CRM Solution?

Now’s the Time to Act

If you’re stuck in a contract with the wrong CRM provider, you might feel like you’re truly stuck. You tried to negotiate the price to get something reasonable, but it just ended up extending your contract to something that was long and, in the end, painful. Here are some steps that you can take right now to help mitigate the pain of finding a new CRM and shifting your data.


Know they you are NOT Stuck

Stuck in a Contract but Need a Better CRM Solution?There might not seem like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel right now but there is. When you’re stuck with something that doesn’t work, it’s easy to become mired in the day-to-day issues that you have to solve whether its lack of integration, platforms going down, or even the poor adoption rate within your company. But it especially stings when something like a CRM, that is so integral to your business doesn’t work right.

It’s only temporary. There are so many organizations that feel your pain, feel like they are absolutely stuck with their CRM but switching is possible. While it might seem like an endeavor, know that many companies before yours and after yours have switched. If you’re not sure why check out this free eBook Five Red Flags that Signal it Time to Switch Your CRM.


Evaluate Your Alternatives

Stuck in a Contract but Need a Better CRM Solution?Finding an alternative probably seems like a labor-intensive process but it doesn’t have to be and it doesn’t have to be down to the wire of when your contract expires with your current CRM provider. In fact, switching earlier and gradually moving off the platform from one to the other a few months before your contract is set to expire is a recommendation from many professionals. Then again, they haven’t looked at your budget and if you’re a mid-market or small business, that may not be an option. Even so, it’s a good idea to start the evaluation process now.

If you don’t know where to start when evaluating, here are some key points to look at in your organization:

You know what’s not working

Right now you have a picture of what isn’t working for you. You’re fixing isn’t working for your company right now, whether it’s integration or lack of adoption. Start by making a list of the problems you’re facing during each business day and that should be some of the top things that you look for when evaluating a top CRM.

Understand where you want to go

Where is your company going? What’s the plan? Knowing the roadmap for your company is important to pick a product that works for your company. Additionally, it’s also important to find a CRM that will grow with your company and your goals to make sure that you’re on the same trajectory and not limiting your own ability to grow.

Make a list of nice-to-haves

These are your wish list items and things that you want to be able to do with your CRM. Where with some companies they might be added cost, it’s often worth it to make a business run smoothly. Don’t count them out because sometimes, they are native parts of the platform. If you find a platform with one of these wish list items, it’s a good sign that they may have more items important to your company in their roadmap too.


What does a good CRM provider offer? There’s a checklist that we’ve put together at Sugar for just this situation.

Get a Free CRM Evaluation Checklist


Listen and Find Reviews

Stuck in a Contract but Need a Better CRM Solution?Word of mouth is more valuable than any advertising dollar spent and in the age of the internet, it’s easy to find reviews. Checking out sites like G2 or Capterra that aggregate software reviews is a great place to go because they are validated by the platform as actual users of the software. Remember, not all the top companies you’re seeing when you first pull up the list are actual picks, the only thing a company can pay for on these platforms are search results placement and not reviews. It’s worth scrolling down past to find other platforms through the noise.

You also have a vast network available to you whether it’s via LinkedIn, previous colleagues, or even your own organization. Ask what platforms they enjoyed using, what worked for them, things they can’t stand about the current platform, and just for their opinion. Look for those who you know are power users and don’t just stick with those who work in sales; your marketing, customer service, and leadership all have regular interactions with your CRM (hopefully) and have valid input.

Want to see what people are saying? Check out this report from Info-Tech via SoftwareReviews.

Start a Dialog

Stuck in a Contract but Need a Better CRM Solution?How you’re handled as a customer should have an impact on what platform you choose as well. Follow your gut when reaching out to talk to some of the companies you’re considering. If you’re feeling like the company doesn’t really care about your business because of your size or potential deal, it might be a red flag to find something somewhere else. Why? Think about what happens when you become a customer, are they going to treat your issues with priority or are they going to be absent?

Customer experience should be a core tenet of your new CRM because how they interact with you and your potential business is also how they can support you. Companies that enable good customer service and experiences are often the most helpful when it comes to enabling your own customers. Companies that think about how they treat you have also considered how you treat your customers, and the product might be better equipped to enable better customer experience.

Remember, you are not stuck. You have options and the ability to find something that works for your company whether you need 10 licenses or 10,000—but don’t wait to scramble until your contract is almost over and get tempted to stay where you are. They say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but sometimes, it actually is when you know where to look.


If we can help, let’s talk—even if it’s not Sugar you choose, we want to help.

Tegan Silanskas
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