Extend the Value of SugarCRM with CTI and Cloud Call Center Solutions

Extend the Value of SugarCRM with CTI and Cloud Call Center Solutions

As businesses increasingly adapt to today’s new subscription-based economy, many recognize the importance of enabling a good customer experience to drive retention throughout the entire customer lifecycle.  As a result, a single poor experience can result in the instant loss of a lifetime revenue stream. As a result, organizations are eager to adopt solutions which break the traditionally siloed approach to marketing, sales, and customer service.  To do so, businesses require platforms capable of playing the role of both CRM and Service Management to manage and maintain the entire customer journey in a single consolidated space.  With the recent release of Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve – Sugar has done just that.

Ultimately, customer experiences are rooted in the various engagements and interactions one has with an organization across the various available channels (self-service, email, SMS, phone). In fact, according to the Aberdeen Group, companies that provide consistent service quality across multiple channels retain 89% of their customers, versus 33% for those that do not.  At 3CLogic, we help to extend the value of Sugar by enabling phone and SMS capabilities to complement the native self-service and email features already available.  Whether it’s a sales and marketing campaign or optimization of your human resources in customer support, 3CLogic enables a full suite of cloud call center features (CTI, ACD, IVR, click-to-call, predictive dialing, SMS, skills-based routing, text-to-speech, self-service, integrated reporting and analytics, etc.) to drive personalized customer experiences.

Curious how we do all this?  Here are just a few examples:

Sugar and 3CLogic Drive Optimized Sales

Company and challenge: A Canadian loan financing company was seeking to modernize its lead management capabilities (no CRM capabilities) and outbound sales initiatives (sales attempts originally based on manual outreaches) to drive more growth.

The solution: The organization deployed Sugar to optimize how incoming leads were processed and handled while leveraging 3CLogic’s integrated CTI and IVR routing engine to intelligently assign and route opportunities to available sales representatives based on Sugar data points (i.e.; geographic location of the lead, lead status, etc.)

In addition, the company enabled 3CLogic’s predictive dialing and local presence capabilities to increase the number of daily touchpoints, while automating agent administrative tasks with automatic screen-pop and activity postings to drive more operational efficiencies.

Sugar and 3CLogic Improves Customer Service

Company and challenge: A firm assisting patients with diabetes and diabetic care solutions needed an

Integrated telephony solution with Sugar to drive a more personalized experience for its

customers, while enhancing the efficiency of its agents.

The solution: The company deployed 3CLogic to replace its not integrated cloud call center solution and

created a personalized customer journey for patients by leveraging the combined power of Sugar

data with 3CLogic’s integrated IVR solution.

Now, each incoming patient call auto-creates a case for improved tracking of all engagements while enabling consolidated reporting to improve the firm’s analytical insights.  With 3CLogic and Sugar, the ability to create an omnichannel and personalized experience across the entire customer journey has never been easier.  After all, differentiation is not based in how you manage your customer’s information but how you leverage when it matters most – at the point of interaction.

To learn more, feel free to visit us at www.3clogic.com.

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