How to Create the Ultimate Sales Playbook with CRM

How to Create the Ultimate Sales Playbook with CRM

Are your sales processes clearly defined, and does your team have the means to take on any new challenge and successfully close? If not, we would like to show you a better way.

In this webinar with Volker Hildebrand, SVP, Product Marketing, and Dennis Smith, VP of Sales at SugarCRM, we showcased how to guide all your sales reps to perform at their best by leveraging Sugar Sell to create highly interactive sales playbooks directly within your CRM.

Below are the first 2 minutes of the webinar and the slide deck. If you would like to see the full video recording, you may access it here.

Below are our top 7 key takeaways from our webinar:

  1. No-code toolset for business users: Sugar Automate enables administrators to create easy-to-follow, visual business processes for users to complete against their Sugar records with a powerful and intuitive template builder.
  2. Design, visualize and automate business processes and workflows: Automate allows you to intuitively design, visualize, and implement interactive marketing, sales, and service processes that help reduce performance variability and increase focus on customer needs.
  3. Create ‘guided selling’ playbooks, templates, and workflows based on best practices: Drive operational excellence with guided selling and best practices to consistently deliver optimal experiences.
  4. Automate manual tasks and steps and save up to 90% of clicks: Reduce manual effort and increase efficiency by eliminating up to 90% of the clicks to accomplish repetitive tasks.
  5. Monitor progress and outcomes in real-time: Automate includes embedded analytics, which provides real-time visibility into tracking the progress and outcomes of defined processes.
  6. Improve sales performance across the entire sales organization: Operationalize performance excellence with proven sales methodologies, case management procedures, customer onboarding processes, and prospect nurturing and routing activities.
  7. Accelerate your sales cycle and increase revenue: Accelerate your business growth with shorter sales cycles, faster response times, and quicker problem resolution so teams can spend their time selling and helping customers.

If you would like to learn more about building the ultimate sales forecast with CRM, we highly recommend these resources:

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  • Sugar Sell Demo – Watch the video and see how with Sugar Sell, you can improve productivity, give your sales team their time back to do what they do best, and create customer relationships that are long-lasting.
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  • Nucleus Research: Anatomy of a Decision – SugarCRM – Nucleus Research found that Sugar customers typically experience a 45% time reduction on data entries and an increase in lead generation by 15%. Download the full report to see how Sugar users eliminate busy work and get time back.
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith As Sugar’s VP of Sales, Dennis works with our clients to help them transcend the way in which they interact with their customers and prospects so that each and every employee has access to appropriate company information to support their daily interactions.

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