Breaking Down the Dream World of Cloud-Based Solutions for Sales

Breaking Down the Dream World of Cloud-Based Solutions for Sales

When we hear the phrase you’ve got your head in the clouds, it’s generally understood to mean you’re unrealistic in some way. In other words, you’re dreaming. That said, what kind of innovators would we be if we stood back and let society convince us dreaming was a bad thing? 

Late for the Tea Party?

Breaking Down the Dream World of Cloud-Based Solutions for Sales

A CRM is a salespersons’ lifeblood, but there’s no ignoring that hardware ages. The last thing you want to be is late to the tea party. An estimated  94% of businesses use cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are quickly becoming mainstream, and laggards will soon find themselves falling behind competitors. Not driving transformation in your business almost promises a decline in sales and a loss of revenue. The solution? It lies in the cloud.

Cloud-solutions can be dream-worthy, particularly the direct impact they have on your sales team’s ability to hit those revenue targets. We’ve created the perfect dream sequence that breaks down how cloud-solutions can help Sales reach their pipeline goals.

Follow us down the rabbit hole, yes?

Drink Me and Grow

With a CRM on the cloud, businesses are free to scale without causing significant delays in purchasing additional licenses, training new resources, etc. In other words, sales and marketing are not slowed but can scale with ease. Rather than being caught up in data-entry or tiring business processes, sales reps can focus on closing deals. 

Curious and Curiouser

Expanding into new markets and regions is always a unique experience, but on the cloud, it doesn’t slow down a thing. Cloud-based solutions enable remote working environments, meaning your sales reps can always be connected. That means your sales team can function from far and wide from your cloud-based CRM, never losing an opportunity for a sale no matter where they are. 


A Cheshire Cat Grin 

When your CRM is cloud-based, you inherently have a significant advantage over your competitors. With a solution like SugarCloud, your CRM is innovating at a rapid pace at a large economy of scale. For you, that means you’ve hit the gold pot when it comes to cutting-edge technology. Your sales team will benefit from continuous innovation without the hefty price tag. Your CRM updates on the backend and you get access to state-of-the-art functionalities that help you close deals. What more could you ask for? 


We’re All Mad Here

Breaking Down the Dream World of Cloud-Based Solutions for Sales

With all that said, if choosing to have your head in the cloud means you’re dreaming, then we’d like to say we’re all mad here. And while we can all chuckle at a few analogies of the 1865 Alices’ Adventures in Wonderland novel, the truth is that dream-worthy cloud-based solutions are, in fact, a reality. By choosing a future-proof cloud-based CRM, sales leadership can focus on what matters most: driving revenue. Now, who would like some tea?

AJ Traver
AJ Traver As a professional and successful marketing manager, AJ has a strong foundation and experience in lead generation, customer marketing, marketing operations, strategic content management, branding, creative development, public relations and journalism in a global company supporting international objectives. With a data-driven approach, AJ thrives on the fusion of creativity and strategy to engage and excite every audience with which she engages.

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