Swaps Monitor: Overcoming Challenges with Sugar Serve

Swaps Monitor: Overcoming Challenges with Sugar Serve

Swaps Monitor is a financial data provider based in New York, serving establishments in the financial sector for over 30 years. Being an essential player in the niche and catering to the needs of many customers, Swaps Monitor rapidly grew their teams, including the Customer Support team.

The old-fashioned way of keeping track of customer requests was simply not keeping up with their support team. As a need to scale their support operations grew, Swaps Monitor started researching CRM solutions that could deliver the most straightforward approach for a growing company while at the same time still allowed them to fall within the SMB category.

After extensive research, Swaps Monitor discovered Sugar’s products through our Global Partner, Ambit Software. Ambit also helped Swaps Monitor with implementation, customization, and adoption.

Swaps Monitor: A Growing Company with Growing Needs

As a small company that was heavily relying on Outlook for years, Swaps Monitor faced challenges as they experienced growth. Their company and Support teams experienced rapid growth, so they searched for new ways to handle their operations. With their strong commitment to enhancing customer experience and fostering quality interactions, the team was committed to bring more organization to their daily operations. The growing Support team encountered several bottlenecks in their daily operations, including:

  • Insufficient context for each new customer inquiry
  • A lack of internal data on customer inquiries, which could enhance their response time and improve the quality of customer interactions
  • The absence of crucial analytics features like reports and dashboards

Streamlining Customer Interactions with Sugar Serv

As the company focused on enhancing customer interactions and accelerating their support efforts, Ambit proposed implementing and deploying Sugar Serve, our customer support solution. Ambit took into account what the team was trying to achieve in the process:

  • Keeping track of customer emails
  • Monitoring response times to each customer
  • Tracking the number of cases by product
  • Setting follow-up reminders
  • Using tags to categorize the main issue for each case
  • Receiving notifications when a reply is received on a case

The Results

Transitioning from Outlook to Sugar Serve, the Swaps Monitor Support team drastically changed how they operate. Once an email reaches their inboxes, a new Case is automatically opened. A product and assignees are attributed to each new Case and a corresponding tag. Tags change during the lifecycle of each new Case, so the team has a clear picture of how they are handling incoming cases. With this new workflow, the team has succeeded in lowering their response times to under 60 minutes per Case.

The reports are also part of the teams’ daily operations, as they help them closely track how their workload is progressing and how quickly the Support team can handle customer inquiries.

With all these new developments, the Support team at Swaps Monitor has increased their efficiency and productivity.

As the partnership continues to develop, Ambit and Swaps Monitor continue to explore which new features could be deployed within the Support team to increase their productivity further and boost customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about the latest developments in the CRM industry, read our 2024 State of CRM Report.

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