Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

One of the most important tools for managers is an end-of-year review and setting up a new goal plan. As they look at last year’s results, it’s crucial to evaluate what was done right, look at what could have been done better, and create a shiny new plan, since there is always room for improvement.

Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

Read on and find out about five Sugar tools to help you reach and exceed your goals this year.

1. Document Automation

Document automation is enabling modern teams to step away from the manual labor of writing documents and leaving more time for sales, customer service, or marketing. W-Systems has identified among Sugar users the need to be able to create letters, contracts, proposals, mailing labels, and forms, and came up with a solution.

Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

Meet wDocs, a tool that helps you to quickly create ready-to-sign Microsoft Word templates that can be used to merge information from any module in Sugar into presentation-quality documents and then easily add them to your eSignature solution, such as DocuSign. You can configure and send envelopes from the DocuSign dashlet in Sugar, and your customers can sign documents from any browser, including mobile devices, within minutes.

2. Customer Interaction Management

Growing a relationship with your customers or partners means being responsive, and the best way to do that is by using a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software. CIM tools maintain an interactive bridge between your company and clients by handling communication across multiple channels such as email, SMS, telephone, social media and more.

Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

Sugar Connect brings your most important customer experience activities into the email and calendar apps your sales and services teams use every day, and if you are an Office 365 or G Suite user and use Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, Ultimate, or Professional, setting everything up and running is a breeze. Sugar Connect has a straightforward and streamlined interface that  comes like a breath of fresh air in terms of user experience.

3. Business Analytics

With Business Intelligence, your CRM can be a powerhouse of relevant and easily readable information. W-Systems created wBenchmark, a BI tool that works with any standard or custom Sugar module and can capture your own defined key performance indicators (KPIs) at specific points in time, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly periods.

Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

4. Cloud Storage Integration

Organizations struggle with user adoption when their employees have to log in to too many platforms.

Instead of switching between Sugar and your document windows, why not have them in one place? wDrive enables you to access your cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, directly within Sugar.

Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

5. An Enhanced Mobile Experience

If part of your job is being on the run, you have definitely thought at least once how nice it would be to have all that CRM info at your fingertips. It’s obvious that in order to achieve success, companies now have to come up with a mobile approach.

Meet wMobile for SugarCRM, an easy-to-use app that puts the power of W‑Systems add-ons for Sugar (such as mapping, document building and more) at your fingertips right from your mobile device.

Five Tools You Need to Boost Sales with Sugar

It’s never been easier to navigate through your prospects or customers, and access your favorite W-Systems integration on your phone or tablet.

Want to learn more about these solutions? See them in action on January 21st, by registering for W-Systems’ upcoming webinar Our Favorite 5 Sugar Tools to Boost Sales in 2020. Hurry up and save your seat!


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