4 Reasons We Love Sugar Connect

4 Reasons We Love Sugar Connect

Sugar Connect enables you to access your customer data and activities directly within your most frequently used apps: your calendar and email.

Sugar Connect synchronizes your Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 information with Sugar’s CRM solution, including Sugar Sell, Serve, Professional, and Enterprise. Sugar Connect is flexible, intuitive, and fun to work with, and lets you access many key processes in your company. With just a few clicks, you can switch between emails, events, contacts, tasks, and it works like a charm at offering you a fresh view of your customer.

But what makes Sugar Connect so great at boosting customer experience and engagement? Connect is packed with smart tools and features. Let’s take a look at our favorite 4 key features.

1. Complete Customer View at a Glance

Sugar Connect helps you get a complete overview of your sales leads, opportunities, and check how well your accounts perform.

Connect also enables you to access your CRM email templates, which you can always access and use straight from your email client of choice. In the sidebar, Connect features all customer emails stored in Sugar. You have full control of your records, which you can create or update as you like. The system’s usability allows you to attach emails to your Accounts, Opportunities, or Contacts without leaving your email app.

SugarCRM Sugar Connect for Microsoft Office 365

2. Automate Data Entry

Manual data entry is time-consuming, repetitive, and, well, boring.

typing on keyboard

Connect automatically synchronizes your calendars and contacts from a single interface and allows you to easily archive and relate emails to  Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities.

3. Smart Scheduling Assistant

With Sugar Connect’s Scheduling Assistant, your prospects and customers can set up meetings with you with just a few clicks. It also lets you set scheduling intervals, so both you and your meeting attendees are comfortable with meeting times.

SugarCRM Sugar Connect Meeting Scheduling Assistant

4. CRM Made Easy

The power of CRM straight from your email? Well, of course, that’s possible. Because Sugar Connect was built to bridge the gap between lost information, fragmented data, and losing touch with those stellar leads, it does a great job at simplifying your teams’ interactions with customers. Sugar Connect lets you access your Sugar suite straight from your email of choice, be it Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Windows Outlook, or MacOS Outlook, for a complete view of your business context.

SugarCRM Sugar Connect for Google G Suite

Sugar Connect has a straightforward and streamlined interface and, compared to other similar products, comes like a breath of fresh air in terms of user experience. If you are an Office 365 or G Suite user and use Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, Ultimate, or Professional), setting everything up and running is a breeze. Need more convincing? Take a look at this overview of what Sugar Connect can do.

Mihaela Chiurtu
Mihaela Chiurtu As a Marketing Content Writer, Mihaela is passionate about branding, content strategies, and customer interactions. When outside the office, Mihaela is a Netflix binge-watcher, skincare geek, and music lover.

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