More Quality, Less Missed Opportunities

Boost lead velocity through artificial intelligence (AI) predictive lead scoring and send only the most qualified prospects to Sales with Sugar Market’s sophisticated lead scoring models. Leverage predictive lead scoring, create your own rules, customize templates or use out-of-the-box best practices models.

Score Everything Without Doing Anything

Market takes the sorcery out of lead scoring and replaces it with science, leveraging AI that’s always updating based on the measurable activities that drive lead conversion.

Handoff Without Fumbling

Native integrations with leading CRMs make it easy to pass marketing-qualified leads to sales.

Improve ABM Campaigns

Automatically identify engaged accounts for account-based marketing (ABM) efforts.

Let The Platform Score The Leads

Say Goodbye to Guesswork graphic | Sugar Market | Marketing Automation Platform

Convert More Customers

Traditional lead scoring models are created once and then revisited quarterly, yearly, or never, because who has the time to redo work already done? Facilitate rapid, reliable, and ever-improving lead qualification through AI-based predictive lead scoring. Put an end to the busy work of manually scoring leads, and see more leads convert to customers.

Be as Involved as You Want

Rely on predictive lead scoring, pre-built scoring models, or build your own models. Allocate points for engagement like opening an email, clicking a link, visiting a specific page or downloading content. With Market, you can also leverage firmographic information, demographic data, social activity, purchase details, intent, and more.

Let the Information Silos Fall graphic | Sugar Market | Marketing Automation Platform

End Lead Micromanagement

Automatically send highly-engaged leads to Sales via native integration with Sugar Sell and other popular CRMs. If Sales determines a particular account isn’t quite ready to convert, leads can be quickly sent back to Market for additional nurturing.

Focus Your ABM

Identify engaged accounts to ramp up your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. If multiple contacts from a company are viewing your content and interacting with your marketing assets, the account score will automatically increase and alert you to accounts that are ready for customized outreach.