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Just as the advent of CRM has helped to facilitate the integration of sales, marketing and Customer Service business processes, social media for Cu

Download this Ovum Report to learn about IBM's significant transformation in the move away from a traditional sales approach of micro-managing the

In the year since the IBM partnership was signed, SugarCRM has taken significant steps in becoming large-enterprise-ready in terms of the technolog

Whether you choose hosted or on-site CRM solutions, organizations must ensure their CRM partner complies fully with all mandates and regulations, w

Mobility is a major trend in customer facing software because it underpins a company’s ability to support lead business practices.

One of the reasons companies delay implementing a CRM is the fear of long, unsuccessful deployments.

CRM brings so many benefits up and down the sales ecosystem that it readily pays for itself, when adopted correctly.

Choosing the Right CRM solution is not easy. It’s a crowded marketplace—at least 800 companies provide CRM in some form or function.

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