Integrating business processes and applications with the existing phone system, Promptar delivers the right information to any user participating in a phone call.

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About Promptar

Promptar is a COLOURS’COMPANY product. COLOURS focuses on transforming business data into knowledge with significant impact on business performance. Promptar was created with the purpose of addressing a set of challenges that limit individual and team productivity and the overall performance within organizations.

Promptar for Sugar

Promptar is a modular and open-ended product integrating with multiple business applications and phone systems by means of both dedicated and generic connectors. Server-side it runs on Linux or Windows, client-side it runs on Windows or Mac.

Why Promptar?

  • Increase Productivity. Collecting the right information, at the right time and delivering it to the right user.
  • Capitalize on Information. Leveraging existing information, effortlessly, delivering it to the users when it becomes critical, in the context of a phone conversation.
  • Improve Experience. Providing a better service, in a shorter time and with reduced human mistakes, delivering better information to both your teams and third parties.
  • Integrate Seamlessly. Delivering any piece of information to your users, whichever the system that manages and stores it is.
  • Measure and Improve. By analyzing business data enriched phone records produced by Promptar.