Enable your organization to build a multi-channel, cloud-based contact center quickly at a low cost with and Sugar.

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About is a global leading provider of advanced cloud-based contact center and telephony solutions. Our ability to rapidly deliver comprehensive solutions stems from our versatile suite of products – a number of which are patent protected – and has positioned us as the respected market leader.

Our flagship Contact Center product has revolutionized the concept of contact center solutions and customer satisfaction. If you have access to a browser and a headset, you can be up and running with an enterprise level contact center within minutes…including integration to any version of SugarCRM, whether vanilla or customized!

Delivered as a toolbar inside your browser or connected via any IP phone, is the complete inbound, outbound, or blended multi-channel contact center and telephony solution. Patent protected CloudConnect provides unparalleled integration, IVR workflow and automation to any version of SugarCRM. And, our global cloud infrastructure surpasses the expected telco 99.999% uptime. is part of the eOne Solution Group which has over 22,000 companies globally and maintains OEM agreements with leading software vendors. for Sugar's cloud-based, multi-channel Contact Center & Telephony software is your all-in-one solution that provides cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and increased support & sales productivity. Deployed as a toolbar in your browser, simply plug in a headset and we'll have you up running with an enterprise level solution using our patent CloudConnect technology to integrate with any CRM, any VoIP, any location…all for the lowest price!'s cloud approach results in an all-in-one, multi-channel inbound, outbound, and blended contact center offering using patented CloudConnect technology to integrate superior contact center technology that:

  • Deploys via a toolbar in your web browser – anytime, anywhere!
  • Extends the power of any version of SugarCRM, allowing your users to navigate SugarCRM without having to toggle between applications and waste time.
  • Allows online provisioning for on-the-fly configuration changes to your contact center without having to depend on your Service Provider.
  • Features’s CloudConnect patented integration technology which facilitates integration to SugarCRM including expanding the power of our IVR to integrate with third-party systems…all within minutes!
  • Promotes blended, multi-media user interaction that includes Voice, Voicemail, Fax, SMS, Social, Chat and Email.
  • Provides “out-of-the-box” SugarCRM screen popping - no code, no APIs, no web services!
  • Runs on any SIP compliant VoIP handset meaning your entire business can sit on one communication backbone, e.g., sales teams and support utilize’s softphone while management continues to use a traditional handset…there’s no other solution like it!


Whether you are an organization of 5 or 5,000, single or multi-location, domestic or international, presents an unrivalled value proposition.

  • Reduce contact center operating costs as you pay for what you need when you need it.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through intelligent routing and customer information instant availability.
  • Reduce staff turnover and retain skilled employees.
  • Eliminate SugarCRM integration and ‘per campaign’ costs.
  • Manage the increased burden of compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Familiarity of the SugarCRM look and feel means lower agent training costs.
  • Capture the business benefits without committing to expensive upfront capital costs.
  • Leverage your existing SugarCRM investment, regardless of whether it's web or windows, hosted or on-premise.

As is delivered both via your browser and/or VoIP handset/headset, goes beyond just contact center functionality and can be used to replace or enhance your existing phone system.