Collabspot for SugarCRM

Close more deals with Sugar inside your Google Mail

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About Collabspot

Collabspot helps salespeople close more deals, quicker, with 1-to-1 marketing automation in Gmail that integrates their CRM. It is a sales email platform that solves the problem of CRM adoption by helping salespeople reach out to leads and customers, through email and social networks. They get timely cues and easy access to customer data, to close deals without friction.

Collabspot for Sugar 7

With Collabspot, sales reps can now create powerful, personalized marketing communications to their prospects in seconds, with notifications and calls to actions, to close more deals in less time.

Collabspot gives you 1:1 Marketing Automation in Gmail. You get email templates, reminders, and calls to action. You can track email and see when people click on your links. Collabspot has a sidebar that supports social network integration, simplifies data entry into SugarCRM, and shows customer data at a glance.

Why Collabspot

Collabspot helps salespeople close more deals, in less time. Using the sidebar to input and view data from SugarCRM can save hours per salesperson per week. Collabspot has features that enable 1:1 Marketing Automation, which empowers the salesperson to see what works and what doesn’t. This helps close a higher percentage of deals. And Collabspot has reporting features that help find best practices, which can be shared with colleagues.