Case Studies

SugarCRM helps organizations gain & retain customers. Learn how Sugar can help streamline sales, marketing and support across your organization.

“Sugar helps us sell better because we now have data and a customer track record to know what the customer wants.”
“The total cost of ownership was a key for us, that cost after implementation. We knew some CRMs looked less expensive during the implementation, but...
“We set out to deliver to our clients and market a best-of-class CRM solution, and that solution is built on Sugar.”
“SugarCRM have been completely committed to ensuring that our deployment of Sugar is a success. They have proved themselves to be an excellent choice...
“Sugar is our one source of all truths.”
“Sugar gives us the ability to build strong relationships by knowing about fit preferences and gear requirements of our everyday customers, as well...
“We have taken people out of having to do tasks that are now done by Sugar, and Sugar doesn’t get it wrong.”
If all your sales people are free to sell, rather than updating data, they can put in 25 percent more time with customers.
Prior to Sugar, issue resolution could take hours or days. With Sugar…we can analyze the issue, have one phone call, and put it to bed.
It used to take 45 to 60 minutes to build staffing for a show. Now… we can do it in five minutes.