Change Your CRM Software and Change the Game

Manufacturing great products is no longer enough—companies have to create amazing customer experiences to foster loyalty, too. Adapt to the transformation happening in manufacturing today with a CRM solution that flexes with the industry’s needs and ultimately delivers a clear way to get ahead.

Automate Field Operations

Get a 360-degree view of critical customer information so you can streamline and automate operations based on location and division.

Manage Channels Securely

Collaborate with dealers and distributors on one secure platform that enables you to only share the data your associates need to access.

Maintain Quality Standards

Use a streamlined product catalog to monitor product specs, materials, and warranties—and track potential defects in real-time.

Consolidate Your Systems

Simplify your software platforms with SugarCRM, thanks to integrations with front and back-end systems alike.

More Control, More Consistency

Use SugarCRM to take control of all your channels, from distributors and dealers to products, services and even customers. SugarCRM’s robust platform does the hard work, aggregating info across networks so you can gauge performance and identify gaps. Connect better with buyers thanks to flexible, automated collaboration tools, and improved pipeline visibility, forecasts and quote approvals.

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Value for All

Tap into SugarCRM’s robust customer service solutions to unlock a seamless, proactive and high-quality customer service experience across communication channels, for vendors and buyers alike. That includes the right tools for robust, self-service portals; the ability for service personnel to better track, manage and communicate with customers; and a level of personalisation that only comes when you let the platform do the work.

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Predictive Analysis Instead of Data Paralysis

Record every change in your customer’s journey—in a centralised, easy to tap CRM platform. That means you can finally leverage your data with 360-degree insights that allow you to accurately forecast future production or truly understand past performance and pipeline.


More Deals, Less Hassle

Transition your customer relationships from transactional in nature to more strategic, based on joint account planning and purchasing accountability. When you better understand previous purchase histories and future potential, uncovering up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for existing customers is a breeze. And when you streamline operations across sales, service, marketing and fulfillment, you’ll realise shorter sales cycles, reduced cost of sales and increased profits.


The Right Info at the Right Time

SugarCRM is easily configurable so you can stay connected to dealers, distributors, retailers and customers with custom workflow and processes, even across devices. Built-in tools remove blind spots, busy work, and roadblocks so every employee can focus more on delighting customers.

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Sugar is pretty much a central hub for us, where we can have a 360-degree view of our customers.


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