Get the Research Without Doing the Research

Expand your entire team’s understanding when you rely on a broad range of social, news, and business sources to provide research directly in your customer relationship management software. By using just a name and email address, these capabilities in sales intelligence eliminate the busy work and frees you to focus on customer interactions.

Engage Your Customers

Know who your sales team should contact, when to contact them, and with what message based on what’s relevant across sources. Take the guess-work out of sales calls with advanced insights.

Quit the Research

Eliminate time-consuming research and manual data entry with automatic information retrieval directly in your CRM.

Focus on the Fun Stuff

This capability frees sales professionals to focus on the human side of customer relationships, because you should never have to do what a sales intelligence software can do for you.

Let the Platform Do the Research

Ditch the Data Entry

Dive into any account, contact, or lead to learn new information and enhance your understanding of customers. This capability automatically gathers data from a broad range of social, news, and business sources to provide critical insights and actionable sales intelligence directly within Sugar.

Be the First to Know

Stay up-to-date on breaking developments throughout your sales cycle and important activities from your key accounts. Choose from a variety of configurable alert settings from real-time emails, browser-based push notifications, or periodic email digests.

Let the Information Silos Fall

Know when an account is at risk of churning, see when prospects are at their most engaged, and easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Focus on positive customer experiences, increase conversion rates and build relationships with access to key information across teams right within Sugar’s CRM-integrated sales tool.