A New Age for Insurance

Data collection is easy, but serving it up as useful information is what’s hard. Sugar is here to make the hard things easier—through seamless integrations with the applications most important to marketing, sales, and service teams, Sugar surfaces data as useful information when it’s needed most.

Exit Spreadsheet City

Give users one place to access information. Time to get out of spreadsheet city. 

Stay in the Know

Track transactions at every stage when your accounting software is integrated seamlessly with CRM tools. 

Speed Up

Use automated processes to shorten sales cycles, simplify reporting, and measure performance so reps can focus on what’s important.

Work Wherever

Take your office with you, with sales and marketing tools your reps can use to reach customers on any device from anywhere.

Keep Customers By Keeping Them Happy

Streamline customer service with quick access to consolidated customer data and service tools, model calculations, prior contracts to outstanding payments, and customer claims.

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Rely on AI

As Sugar collects customer information, it also leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously make accurate predictions about customer journeys.

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Stop Switching Tools

Integrate easily with your internal insurance accounting systems, contract and damage overviews, and customised software for agencies so you can spend time serving customers from one tool, not looking for data, answers, and passwords.

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Never Repeat

No one should have to do work that a platform can do for them. Automate lengthy sales processes by including initial consultation, follow-up, offers, and modification processes, and providing digital support with an automated reminder system.