Get Ahead of the Pack

DIfferentiation is critical for business service firms in today’s world of commoditization and downward pressure on fees. Without the right CRM, standing out is nearly impossible. Luckily, Sugar’s complete CRM solution arms every client-facing employee with the information and tools they need to deliver exceptional client experiences every time.

Automate Everything

Spend less time on data entry and more time selling when you automate busy work like process and document management.

Increase Conversions

Discover new audiences, target the right customers, and tailor your messaging to drive quality leads.

Make Clients Smile

Know the status of each support request and ensure no need goes unresolved—even when mobile.

Prepare to Go Big

Add licenses or services whenever you need to so your CRM can grow as your business does.

Get Competitive Without Competing on Price

Build a strong brand and a unique selling proposition by delivering on exceptional client service—and stop competing solely on price. This starts with a CRM platform that works hard for your firm, helping you establish your value in a meaningful and credible way that clients, prospects, and staff value even more than a competitive price-point.

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Put an End to Middleware

With SugarCRM, there are no blind spots across your business. Integrate with middle- and back-office software—including ERPs and resource, billing and project management solutions, without using any middleware—to create a centralized repository of critical customer information and insight.

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Give the Best Client Care Ever

Proactively attend to clients and prevent escalations by providing the best client care possible. With Sugar, all of your teams, including partners, service specialists, subject matter experts, and sales have the ability to plan and execute strategic campaigns across regions and service lines to mine new business opportunities with existing clients.

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Wave Goodbye to Awkward Intros

Tap into your firm’s collective network with Sugar’s Relationship Analytics solutions. We make it easy to find and leverage connections between other employees and customer contacts by accurately identifying employees with existing client and prospect relationships so you can get warm introductions, deeper engagement and new business opportunities.

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Win Faster

Drive shorter sales cycles to reduce costs and increase profits by streamlining and automating your company’s sales, service, marketing, and delivery operations. reduce costs, and increase profits. Uncover areas with potential like coverage gaps where partners, subject matter experts, and sales teams can quickly collaborate as a joint deal-team on sales pursuits, leveraging their collective knowledge, expertise, and client relationships.

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Ditch the Detective Work

It’s easy to find the right answers when employees can see them right away with our simple, award-winning interface. SugarCRM caters to every user’s unique needs and ways of working across devices to drive adoption, increase productivity, foster collaboration, and enable better decision-making. It’s easy to focus on customer delight when you have no blind spots or busy work.